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Alas. Last night I was so sure I was at least going to manage to stay oriented in one direction for longer than 24 hours, and then I remembered that I really do have hopeless crush on person nearby, who wore a cut-off tee today that matched his hair and his eyes and his designer glasses, and smiled at me a lot, which he should never ever do, because.


Though I have to admit there are times when her resemblance to Alexis Bledel is very odd and eerie:

And now for the high-res huge pictures, below:

In other news, I decided to curtail my run of chick lit by reading Thomas Hardy. I never liked Thomas Hardy when I tried to read him in high school; too gloomy, too erudite, too depressing. On a whim at B&N the other night I picked up The Mayor of Casterbridge, determined to go back and revisit him. I always felt slightly guilty about not doing this before because he was our school librarian's favorite author, and I loved her too much to just blow him off like that. No self-respecting book lover just blows off their librarian's favorite. So, sandwiched in between a completely sappy viewing of The Jane Austen Book Club and a readthrough of The Givenchy Code, it's sexism in Victorian England. So far, I'm loving it. Thomas Hardy is so much more self-aware and - dare I say it? - ironic than I remember.

Does it feel to you like this journal and I are changing? We are. I have mixed feelings all the time about it. I know with deep certainty that I haven't really "come back" to LJ. And yet here I am. What does that mean?

And should I finish up my 2 unfinished Hikago fics or my one unfinished TezuRyo fic - that is officially almost two years old and in the same sorry state it was in 2006 - next?

....Oh my god, can you believe it's been two years since I made my Guide to Prince of Tennis? Oh my god, how did that even happen? I barely got to watch or read or write any Tenipuri at all last year! What the hell! What the hell, 2007! You get back here right now and bring my fandom participation with you! THE IDEA OF YOU BEING OVER ALREADY. UGH.

P.S. Hikago fandom, if you don't give me new Akira/Hikaru fic to read soon, I will have at you. Have! At you!!!! Seriously, I want there to be a fanfic challenge where the challenge is to find and post new fics to delicious, because honestly, small fandom, seeing the same fics linked over and over again. Ahhh. My heart is weeping.
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