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I am so broke. I spent more money today than I have in the last two, maybe three months.

Between the BMV, Insurance office, mall department stores, two Hallmarks, 2 trips to Borders, a haircut, a waxing (owwww), a major shopping panic, and 3 trips to the bank, I am completely exhausted, and I can honestly say that I was not meant to participate in weddings. I am so worn out and I'm not even *in* the wedding party--I'm just the guestbook attendant. I can't imagine what my dear Christianne feels like. of course--I haven't actually slept since Wednesday morning but I'm kinda on a high from all the running around. Sometimes real life smacks you in the face, and it feels good, you know?

I have much still to do, though. C. didn't have a registry so I had NO idea what to get her, so I got her a bunch of Pyrex dishes, a hunter-green pot holder, 2 bags of Godiva coffee, a Battenburg lace tablecloth, and a cd of this Irish folk song she taught me when we were in college together.

And even though I couldn't afford much of that I still feel like it wasn't enough.

I was at a drive-through today getting my artery-clogging lunch and my change was a dollar and two cents. As the chick handed me the money a penny dropped and hit the ground. She gasped and looked stricken and said, "Oh, I'm so sorry!" "It's all right," said I, "it was only a penny." And the chick looked at me-- and it was this... oh, this... heartbroken look. For a second I thought she was upset over my thinking that a penny wasn't worth anything--and my mind ran through all the symbolic things the penny could stand for. Then I looked at her again and realized that I'd seen the surface of some kind of profound sadness I couldn't even begin to tap into. It made me think.


In other news. I am a slimy, grasping creature. Hurrah.

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