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my beautiful innocent fandom. i selfishly want you to remain pure and untouched by fandom's general need for bloodplay or handcuff non-con or, oh, Ogata/small children.

Then again, in general Hikago memes make me very YAY! Because, you know, it means Hikago fandom is actually active. :D

Also, hey. perhaps this kink meme thing means that there may actually be - gasp - Hikago fics I have never read before on my delicious subscriptions.

Also, also: how kinky can Hikago fandom actually be? It's a story about the pure love between twelve year olds. It's not like it really invites tentacle porn. Not that I would have a problem with that.

Okay, okay, forget I said anything, Hikago fen, go have fun finding The Various Appendages of God.


(Can you tell I just really wanted to make a post about Hikago? I really really love Hikago. ♥_♥)
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