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an Omake, of sorts?

bookshop: god, i keep writing these fics in my head where hikaru finally sits akira down and tells him what was going on the whole time and gets to the part where he was like "but i had to play you instead, i just had to" and hikaru's SO NERVOUS ABOUT THIS PART because so much hinged on that decision but akira is just like ............BLOWN AWAY BY HOW BRAVE AND BEAUTIFUL HIKARU IS AND HOW MUCH HE RISKED ALL FOR AKIRA'S SAKE AND IT'S REALLY VERY BEAUTIFUL AND HE PROBABLY GRABS HIKARU AND KISSES HIM A LOT
artigrapher: awwwwwwwwww. why don't you write that fic for real
bookshop: i don't like to write Telling About Sai fics though
bookshop: because it's one of those things that is just such a beautifully preserved secret and trying to say "i think it would be like this" and write it down on paper might make it lose some of its beautiful mystery! or something, idk. but it's lots of fun to daydream about!
artigrapher: I really want akira to know though kfjgldkfjg
artigrapher: and maybe akira might just guess right one day, like out of nowhere, not even really thinking about it! he's so smart, he basically has it anyway - he kind of thinks hikaru is a crazy person with two people inside him already.
bookshop: haha, i actually wrote that.
artigrapher: wait really?
bookshop: The end of Waterloo
bookshop: originally had this much longer tailspin

bookshop: yeah i'd originally written a lot more of their dialogue after the cut-away part at the end
bookshop: they were sort of rolling around making out just kind of amazed and flustered and chattering akfjk;sjs
bookshop: and hikaru's like "god i really want to tell you something but you gotta promise to believe me"
bookshop: and akira's sort of breathlessly like "right now you could tell me you were possessed by the ghost of Honinbou Shuusaku and i'd believe you"
artigrapher: hahahahaha
artigrapher: why didn't you write it, that's the cutest thing ever
bookshop: and hikaru pulls back and he's like and touya's like "...WAIT REALLY? OH MY GOD I KNEW IT"
artigrapher: jgfljglkdjfkgjkdjfgdfg
bookshop: and hikaru's like "OH MY GOD WE ARE NEVER BREAKING UP"
artigrapher: WHY ISN'T THIS ON YOUR LJ
bookshop: adflsfjljkl
artigrapher: WHY
artigrapher: jfgldjflkgjkdlfjlgjdkjfgdfg
Tags: fic, hikago, love

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