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  • this is the Norfolk skyline from across the harbor at Portsmouth. i actually sat in that exact spot this morning for about half an hour just watching and thinking. the corporation i work for owns one of those cluster of 3 buildings right in the center. my desk would be on the top floor. :/

  • i am already planning the LJ entry in my mind when I decide to accept this position tomorrow. something like "how to work for an evil corporation that represents everything you despise and still feel all right about it, you know, morally speaking."1

  • i had mediocre sushi tonight, and i am contemplating how much the presence or absence of a good sushi place in the vicinity of where one is contemplating moving to is a dealbreaker on whether one actually moves there. to think i used to hate sushi.

  • hikaru no go fanfic for me is like sushi, aka you can never have enough. but enough of the good, exceptional kind. the mediocre kind makes you rethink your decision to go down this path. i say i am picky about hikago fic but really i just like basically every fic ever where hikaru and akira are happy and left to themselves to play go. which is to say: eddy's recent spate of ficlets has cruelly whet my appetite. :( please world write me new akira/hikaru fic. love, me.

  • does anyone else have randomly stupidly subjective opinions about certain characters, and how they should never ever be developed? like. i am of the opinion that certain characters should always remain pathetically incompetent. and whenever someone transforms them and gives them a *gasp* third dimension, all i can see is how that character IS SUPPOSED TO BE CREEPILY PATHETIC, why are they getting all these cool lines? GIVE ME BACK MY CHARACTER I LOVE TO HATE. perhaps i should be bowled over by the character development but instead i'm just bowled over by how much i want back the character i want to punch in the face.

  • if HP fandom can have britpickers, why for the love of god can't japanese fandoms have nipponpickers. :( i don't know about anyone else but i desperately need one. :/

  • at long last i have caved and bought I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You and Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy by Ally Carter. Yay. We can all use a little empowered spychick in our lives.

  • today on the ferry this little girl who was about four kept pointing and saying "look at that water! i like that water," and i was just like, "god, yeah, me too. :("


  • how on earth does anyone say no to a chance to move to the chesapeake bay. that is basically my dream. :/ even if i would be working for an evil evil corporation, it's not like it would be forever! right? oh god, this is the kind of thing that ends in your incorporeal dinner guest dragging you down to hell.

  • ochi gets off by being hated. i just want you all to know that.

  • i keep trying to find some nice happy way to end this post. okay, here are the two happiest things i know.

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