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  • ROBERT DOWNEY JR IS SO HOT. I've always loved this guy I mean really really loved, ever since he totally swished his way through Only You and into my heart, and I was so D: about the whole drug thing and so :D :D :D :D when he came through it and now, the result, HOLY SHIT THE RESULT.


  • Iron Man blew me away. Iron Man has sort of redefined all my notions about sci-fi in a night. I've never actually loved or even really liked a superhero before. Just. Never. I love Tony Stark, holy shit. I can't get over how engaging he is as a character, how this movie looked SO LAME until ROBERT DOWNEY JR just pretty much owned life as we know it and turned it into this fantastic allegory about coming to terms with our world and our responsibilities in the post-Bush era, and still made it a YAY AMERICA blockbuster, while making his character changes totally believable. god. I can't get over it, I'm so happy right now, I want to watch it over and over again. And the way you don't know what kind of man he is at all, even though you instinctively like him anyway, until he says "I refuse" without even having to dwell on it and you're just like 'oh fuck yeah i knew you were that guy, i knew it' and then he becomes that guy and it's SO AHHHHH. okay. just. ksjflsfkjas;flsdfdlk.

  • Where is the Robert Downey/Terrence Howard slash, people, don't let me down. Where is it. I REFUSE TO WAIT TIL YULETIDE FOR THIS.

  • And speaking of rare pairings, thehoyden keeps sending me pieces of her in-progress Dresden/Marcone fic and it's so hot that I keep trying to reread snippets of it at work which is about the time my boss will come by and be like "hey, Aja, how are you?" and i'm all "I'M NOT READING PORN I SWEAR!" yeah. life, so hard.

  • Still don't have apartment. Mildly desperate. Prayers and rosary beads, voodoo, sacrificial offerings on my behalf, etc. are all appreciated.

  • Still haven't remotely waded through my Top 5 meme. Hikago still the happiest thing in my life ever outside of j-pop.

  • Hey, is that a Saeki/Ashiwara fandom surge of interest I see? ROCK ON. :D

  • Forgot to say that the absolute best part of my trip to Norfolk this time out has been meeting myrafur, who is basically made of lulz and sex and kindness, and who lured me to an abandoned italian eatery in the middle of deserted VaBeach, aka the Twilight Zone, where we then had a foursome with a hot young sailor and his hot fiancee. I'm not exaggerating. We may have broken some furniture. *whistles*

  • Kish, you still need to email me. :P everysecondtues, are you and Hoyden and I seriously getting together this weekend to SQUEE MORE ABOUT DRESDEN FILES? that is so awesome i can't even articulate it. Everyone else please read these books and then come to B-town and MEET HOYDEN AND I, WE WILL MAKE IT WORTH THE DRIVE. *_*

  • jlksfdfldjfljk oh fuck it PLEASE JUST TALK TO ME ABOUT IRON MAN.

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