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How I spent my summer vac - I mean my weekend

What I did yesterday:
  • barely refrained from confessing blind_go secrets to the world in a fit of total euphoria
  • met up with thehoyden and everysecondtues
  • hugged everysecondtues and babbled a lot. she promptly rewarded me for being a) late and b) largely incoherent by handing me over LIGHT/L DOUJINSHI.

    "I checked to make sure you were still in the fandom," she said.
    "Who, me?" I said. ">:0 I'M NOT IN THE DEATH NOTE FANDOM I HATE DEATH NOTE. >:0 HATE HATE HATE" at which point she said "..." and Hoyden looked at me askance.

  • proceeded to try and explain my tumultuous relationship with Death Note which sort of turned into a schizophrenic babble about how Takeshi Obata is my lifelong hero and Raito is PRETTY MUCH MY FAVORITE GAY SERIAL KILLER FOREVER and Death Note is a crock of epic malarkey, and my hatred for it runs as deep and eternal as my love for Light / L and ESPECIALLY my new Light/L doujinshi, and just because Epon won't stop making me post thousand-word essays to death note meta communities it *doesn't mean i'm in the fandom!!!!* and I'm pretty sure that when I was done I sounded completely insane.

    But that's okay because then we spent the rest of the day mooning ourselves dizzy over the following beautiful things:
  • Iron Man
  • Robert Downey Jr
  • Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man
  • Robert Downey Jr's amazing forearms
  • John Marcone
  • George Clooney
  • George Clooney as John Marcone
  • The inevitable hotness of George Clooney as John Marcone in vintage 20's Chicago fashion
  • George Marcone Clooney's amazing suits
  • George Marcone Clooney's amazing forearms
  • George Marcone Clooney's amazing eyes/smile/crow's feet/hair/voice/smirk/laugh/walk/aura
  • How much everysecondtues Dresden/Marcone fic is rocking our hot George Clooney vibe ahhhhhhh
  • George Clooney, can I just say that again? I don't think I ever really got the George Clooney thing until I turned him into John Marcone and now he's basically the hottest thing I have ever seen on the planet + hot mob boss.

    Literally by like 4 am last night, after spending all day talking about hot Harry Dresden/John Marcone you have no idea ahhh, and then mainlining Leatherheads and Ocean's Eleven, the three of us were just sort of left helplessly to ooze.


    Just. sadfj;akldsjfskl. Sorry, but just. saklf;dsjskl;sk;fas;dkd!!!!!!

    now throw in a WELL-HIDDEN GUN and a sexy confidence that could coax the bloom off a rose, and wizard/mob-boss chemistry that could melt the panties off a mannequin. AHHH. SO HOT SO HOT.

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