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Best Monk Ever.

Finally. Finally. I can finally make this post. I have been waiting FOR WEEKS to make this post.

So. Blind Go. Don't even act like you don't know what I'm going to talk about.Collapse )

For days after I read the final draft of this fic, before it was posted, I kept trying to think of what Hikago stories I wanted to read and write now.

And I.... pretty much had nothing. I couldn't think of anything I wanted from Hikago fanfic now that I didn't already have in this fic.

I just saw tonight where the lovely and always-beautifully-articulate lapin_agile called this fic "her all in all," and oh my god you guys. So happy. that makes me so happy. Oh god i'm just going to actually link to her review because yes, yes, yes. Happy. Happier than if she'd said that about one of my fics, because whatever, like I could ever write anything this amazing.

I'm just so pleased and privileged to be a part of the process and to be able to get to share something I love as much as Hikago, and two characters I love as much as Hikaru and Akira, with someone as wonderfully full of love as arboretum. She is one of my favorite people in life ever. :( This is my favorite Hikago fic ever.

Even though you've already read the fic, (if you haven't read it, oh my god don't talk to me, shut up and go read), you should go check out Eddy's official link here, because there are notes and hilarious behind-the-scenes chat (there were days of this, days and days, god, it was glorious) that you should not miss.

And then? After you've read it? You should go check out the sequel. Yes, the sequel -this from Touya's point of view.

Again, favorite Hikago fic ever. I love you, Eddy - I seriously cannot even tell you what a joyous experience this was to be a part of. And how grateful I am, and how happy I am that you wrote this.

(Okay, the rest of this post is really long, like. really long and self-obsessed and emo, i warned you.)

Way too long babble about my weekend, my life, my life history, my hopes and dreams, and why I'm kind of, uh, really slow to figure out the incredibly obvious. also, p.s. i love my gay best friend.Collapse )
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