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Hey, you know what I love?

HIKARU NO GO!!!!!!!!! :D

joosetta drew this absolutely amazing portrait of Touya Akira last night that I pretty much want to coddle and coo over forever. And then I wound up revisiting her amazing 33 pictures of Touya on Hikaru's cell phone, and dragged Eddy with me, whereupon Eddy declared her to be amazing, and Joosetta most rightly declared that Eddy was amazinger, and in the ensuing mutual appreciation I had a sudden jealous need to remind Eddy that I'M her true rival, ME! ME ME ME! assert myself, so I wrotelame fanfic.

Hikaru's cameraphone is awesome, like it holds like a billion pictures. He’s never used all the space on his camera up before but once when he and Touya went to Shibuya he took so many pictures the battery died and he spent half an hour being pissed that he’d taken all those pictures and then lost them all before Touya sighed and dragged him into this electronics store and bought him a charger and plugged it in right there in the store. “So you’d stop being a moron,” Touya said, but the way he said it was like, totally clear Touya was under the impression that was never going to happen. Whatever. Anyway, the pictures weren’t gone after all, which was great because he got to make fun of how Touya’s nose was scrunched up in embarrassment in every single one of them, all the way back on the train ride home.

Hikaru takes tons of pictures but there are always some that people keep trying to delete. Waya’s always like, “What is this? It’s just a blur, Shindou, why is it still on your phone?” and then he’ll start fiddling with the buttons and Hikaru will have to grapple the phone out of his hand and scream at him about messing with people’s private property, geez. Because that blurry grey pic and the next three pics just like it are actually – okay, they’re blurry grey pics.

Except totally not, because.

Touya spills tea on his jumper and has to borrow one of Hikaru's shirts. Hikaru’s like, all weirded out by Touya having to put on his clothes, because how crazy will that look, seriously.

So he’s all like, “Yeah, take whatever, shirts are in the closet,” but then he follows Touya over to stare inside over Touya's left shoulder. He has all these crazy bright yellow and orange shirts mixed in with these boring dress shirts for tournaments that his mom insisted on taking out and starching every week even though like anyone ever looks at his collar, honestly. Okay, except Touya. But Touya is insane, so whatever.

He stares at all his shirts and tries to imagine Touya inside any of them. He really, really hopes Touya doesn’t take one of the dressy ones. He tries to imagine playing Touya while Touya sits there in one of his stupid starched shirts with the collar and the sleeves done up. Nope, totally weird. But then he gets a good look at a sweater with fives all over it, and that’s even weirder.

“Can’t you hurry up, geez,” he says to cleverly mask his confusion. Touya, who’s looking a little awkwardly at Hikaru’s wardrobe, murmurs, “I’ll just wash it out – the jumper…”

“What? No! Whatever, here, just pick something,” Hikaru says, and blindly reaches for something near the back of his closet. He pulls out a button-up shirt, rack and all, and thrusts it at Touya. Huh. Black. Why was that in there? Oh, right, his mom had gotten him that one day when she’d decided to be all interested in his career and buy him half a million outfits because apparently showing up to the Go Institute in jeans and a t-shirt was unprofessional or something. Touya grabs the rack and then bows his head. “Thank you,” he says politely, and exits into the bathroom to change.

Hikaru keeps staring at the closet. He tries to imagine Touya walking around in clothes Hikaru actually wears. Please. He’d be going around bowing politely to people and clutching the sides of his jeans, how stupid would that be?

Touya re-emerges. He looks just like normal, even though he’s wearing one of Hikaru’s shirts. It’s like everything just sort of becomes Touyafied around him. Totally unfair. “Hey, Touya,” Hikaru says, reaching back into the closet. “Where’s your jumper?”

“I hung it up to dry. Shindou?” Touya blinks at him.

“Whatever, here,” Hikaru says, tossing the shirt at him and already moving back the way Touya came. “Put that on, shut up just do it.”

Touya’s only spilled tea on one corner so the jumper really isn’t that wet. Hikaru pulls it on over his t-shirt. It’s not too bad. Hikaru always thought it’d be scratchier than it is. It’s a little snug because Touya is taller and skinnier than him, but not by much. Hikaru yanks it down once for good measure.

When he returns, Touya is giving him one of those 'this-had-better-lead-to-some-kind-of-brilliant-hand-in-about-two-moves-or-I’m-seriously-walking-out-the-door-Shindou-I-mean-it' looks, but otherwise he’s pulled Hikaru’s favorite yellow and black hoodie around his shoulders, and his hands are stuck inside the pockets.

“Awesome,” Hikaru says.

Touya snorts. “I’m not going to play like you,” he says, but he’s already sitting down on the side of the board where Hikaru had been before.

“Like you could even try,” Hikaru says, sitting down on the other side. Touya just eyes him and holds his palm straight out over the board.

“What?” Hikaru asks, panicking for a moment when Touya pointedly eyes his pants. “What? Oh! Hey, you can’t just – “

“It was your idea,” Touya says. “If it would help you get in the mood I could throw a tantrum and threaten to leave.”

“This is my house,” Hikaru points out nobly, even though they both know that totally didn’t stop him the last time. He sighs and hands over the fan anyway. Touya does that thing where he’s either smirking or smiling, only he’s got a giant number 5 on his chest and it looks so out of place that Hikaru grins at him.

“Just play already,” he says, picking up one of Touya’s stones.

“Hang on,” Touya says. He’s sitting with his knees to one side, but he reaches around and digs something out from underneath him. Hikaru’s phone. He starts to slide it over, then pauses and picks it up instead.

He looks up at Hikaru and flips the phone open.

“Hey,” Hikaru says as Touya starts punching buttons. “Hey! What are you doing?”

Touya holds the phone up. He laughs. “Being you,” he says, and Hikaru ducks his head in Touya’s jumper as the camera snaps.
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