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"I thought Malfoys never said sorry," observed Harry.

"I never thought I'd hear Harry Potter apologise to a Malfoy,"
shrugged Draco, with an ironic wave of his hand.

Harry caught hold of it in mid-air, and pulled Draco into a loose
embrace, which then somehow turned into a hug. But it wasn't a
relaxed, friendly hug, like the one Ron and Harry had shared the night
before. Harry and Draco were unused to showing physical affection
towards each other, and felt very awkward about it. And there was too
much sexual tension between them for any kind of touching to feel easy
or casual. Nevertheless, they really wanted to make up after their
row, so they let the moment stretch out. And then it became obvious
that they were both very turned on.

The latest chapter of Power Play kicks more ass than is available for kicking in this fandom.

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