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Fic rec of the day. It's ostensibly het--Draco/Hermione--but we all know what's *really* going on is off-stage slash, heee. It's also NC-17. "Hate" by lightbringer.

And I would just like to say again that Dahlia's latest chapter of Power Play is SO. Good. That series has gotten so much, so, so, so much better progressively. I am in thrall.

In other new, I am trying to write like Durendal. It's not working.

I love:
--malfoyeatscock, because she rules, for many many many reasons.
--verdant05, for such superb analysis of the abuse syndrome in LUW. I am not worthy of readers this intelligent.
--cellardoor for being cute and small and shy
--eleveninches for being able to write brilliant fics at the drop of a hat that I couldn't write in a year.
--pingviini for the same, and for imagery that makes my heart burst
--the Armchair
--Coca-cola classic.
--the Tea Party.
--Random Questions.
--Word Association. (sticks tongue out at Cathy)
--Dahlia for chapter seven of Power Play. Phenomenal chapter.
--Tom Riddle--specifically nmalfoy's Tom Riddle.
--Harry/Draco. It just blows every other ship out of the water, it really does. Purr.

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