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Why I love Nancy.

Nancy: you just love me cause I give good Tom.
Aja: well, no, i love you cause you give good draco too.
Nancy: *sulks*
Aja: awwww.
Aja: *pets you*
Nancy: thank you. but I still think you're using me.
Aja: baby, why you always gotta do this?
Nancy: now you sound like Ike Turner.
Aja: heeee
Nancy: *howling*
Nancy: LOL. for some reason that is cracking me up.
Aja: Baby, why you always gotta make me hurt you? you know I don't wanna lie to you.
Nancy: *howls* You do give good Ike.
Nancy: okay. domestic violence is not funny.
Aja: Hahahahahahahahaa
Aja: that could be Harry in LUW 11!
Aja: hahahaha. "Draco, baby, why'd you gotta go and do that? Huh? why you always gotta make me hit you?"
Aja: Oh god.
Nancy: put that on the list!!!
Nancy: Harry morphs into Ike Turner.
Aja: Hahahahaahahaha
Nancy: he needs a pair of pimp shoes.


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