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So, I was thinking about Yuletide, and how someone really should pimp Hot Fuzz, and it led to me thinking about all the movies I'd love to see in Yuletide, and that led to this list! :D

A Bunch of Movies I Love and Want Yuletide Fic For:

    • Hot Fuzz - SO MUCH FREAKING LOVE. Seriously, I just want to shriek with joy all the time about how amazing this film is. It's so endlessly hilarious. I rewatch it at least 5 times a month. probably the only movie I've ever obsessively watched more is The Fugitive.

      This fandom is pretty happy and obsessed, but still small. if it's written out of yuletide this year i will CRY. And speaking of yuletide: Look! I got fic!!! :D :D :D

    • The Usual Suspects - totally one of my favorite movies of all time ever, and i know, everybody loves this movie, but SERIOUSLY. Keyser Soze!!!!! there should be a whole fandom devoted to slashing all of these characters with all of these characters. Major thug orgy. <33333 Read the one lonely sole Yuletide fic!!!. Also, Keyser Soze/Kobayashi? Keyser/Kujan? Keyser/Keaton? Keyser/Kint? Keyser/Keyser? Keyser/Keyser's Gay Serial Killer Harem? Oh yeah. Totally.

    • The Fugitive - this was my favorite movie for years. If I had known about slash when I was 15 I would have been shipping everyone with everyone in this movie, but especially Tommy Lee Jones with Harrison Ford, because, oh, wow, did Sam need to hit that like Javert needs to handcuff Jean Val Jean.

    • Keeping the Faith. This is one of the sweetest and most warmhearted movies ever. Oh Ed, oh, Ben, oh, Jenna, oh Ed/Ben/Jenna, oh, oh ♥

    • Company of Wolves - has anybody ever seen this film? Ahhh, Angela Carter meets, like, 80's animatronic studios and the total camp that is ANGELA LANSBURY PLAYING A SEX-OBSESSED GRANDMA. ahh, it's amazing. :D Also: look! I got fic!!!!!

      Also, also, you can, erm, see this film very easily! Ask me how!

    • The Road Pictures! I think my mom and me and trinityofone are the only people who love these movies. But seriously! Bing Crosby! Bob Hope! Dorothy Lamour! For all you SGA fans, there was some interview years back where DH said J-Flan compared the McShep to Bing and Bob. That's probably the happiest thing SGA has ever said to me. I love them so much, and hey, there's even a couple of full-on Bing/Bob kisses over the years. OTP! OTP! :D

    • Arsenic & Old Lace!</i> In my top 5 favorite films. I watch it every year on Halloween. I LOVE YOU PETER LORRE, and also, seriously, I want Dr. Einstein/Mortimer slash so badly, and also Johnathan/Dr. Einstein, because seriously they are the CUTEST gay serial killers ever. :D :D :D :D Theirloveissosurehoneyi'llmakeyouanewface♥!

    • L.A. Confidential - probably one of my top 5 movies of all time. So brilliant on every level, and with amazing performances, strong homoerotic subtext, and fanfic by Shalott. And also: look! I got fic!!!! :D Amazing amazing fic, one of my yuletide favorites.

    • STRANGERS ON A FREAKING TRAIN. aka one of the most homoerotic classic films in history, and yet just look at this. Disgraceful. :( Bruno and Guy need their creepy gay serial killer love, too. :( :( :(

      eta: also, just noting that to further the cause of gay serial killers we also discuss Rope in comments!

    • Birth. - this film is amazing. I don't really even know what else to say about it that wouldn't be a major spoiler, but just. ahhh. amazing acting, amazing performances handling an incredibly eerie and disquieting storyline.

    • The Women - vintage film! George Cukor! all-female cast! gay director! amazing actresses. This movie is so fantastic and so campy and wonderful and fun, and the performances are so great. ♥ Rosalind Russel is just. ahh. If my personal hero roster wasn't kind of full up, she'd be on it if only for this movie. She is the cattiest ever, ahhh, so fantastic. And Norma Shearer!!! ahhhhh.

      Also, the femslash potential here is amazing. If you guys think Devil Wears Prada femslash is hot just consider the kind of heat you could generate between Joan Crawford/Norma Shearer. Purrrrr. Or Norma Shearer/Joan Fontaine. Or Joan Crawford/Rosalind Russell!!! Or! Or! Ahhh, just watch the movie. :D :D :D :D

    • The Searchers. - I know, one of these things is not like the others. but seriously, this movie deserves to have long sweeping fics written about it. it's so amazing and creepy and haunting and epic, in the traditional sense, and ahhh, okay. yeah. also i'm probably the only person to ever see homoerotic subtext in this film but i swear it's there! and not just because I've always wanted to write this essay where I compared this movie to the Al Pacino film Cruising - yet another gay serial killer extravaganza. But seriously! It fits! John Wayne/John Wayne's Fake Nephew! It totally works, watch this movie and tell me it's not there. If you can take your eyes off the beautiful scenery.

Movies I don't necessarily want fic for but just want to squeal about anyway:

    • French Kiss - KEVIN KLINE CAN SING TO ME AGAINST AN AMAZING SCENIC BACKDROP FOREVER. *__* and meg can saunter around in that blue dress. speaking of amazing scenery. guh.

    • High Fidelity :D :D :D - god I love this movie. I don't care that it's nothing like the book. It's awesome.


    • The Emperor's New Groove - funniest movie Disney has ever made. And the cleverest.

    • The Others - this is such an underrated film, seriously.

    • Talk To Her ♥♥♥ - this is either my 1st or 2nd favorite film of all time, depending on how recently I've rewatched The Philadelphia Story. I don't even think there's any way to actually write about this film because it's so beautiful and perfect and complete. I just want everyone to see it.

Also on a completely different subject, and just for fun, here is my desktop at work with firefox. I am currently refusing to upgrade to Firefox 3 because I can't take my amazing orange Foxkeh skin with me. Where I go, it goes. :(

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