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Bones bones bones + House.

So Sunday I finally caught up on Season Four of Bones.

Things about bones that are ridiculous, make no sense ever, and FAIL ON ALL LEVELS, but which you just have to go with anyway, because oh show

1) Zach.

I do believe this actually makes sense on one level, and it makes enough sense that the choice didn't alienate me like it did many viewers - but the thing is, again, you have to make a willing choice to go with it. Bones is like that. IT STILL IS RIDICULOUS. okay, moving on.

2) The way Sweets has NO ACTUAL JOB description beyond "hang around the Jeffersonian analyzing scientists, shipping Booth/Brennan/himself, and gawking at body parts.

3) The way rationality versus feeling is set up as The Show's Big Conflict. Just lolol. And it's really annoying how Bones always is the brunt of this, and not in a good way - especially because the "emotional" track usually carries with it connotations of traditional western patriarchy.

4) the zomg surprise incest! and "LOL THE BUTLER DID IT!" side-forays of 501. Seriously. lololol.

5) Angela and Jack breaking up. UGH.


I love Sweets!!!! jesus he is just the most adorkable thing. My response to him has gotten Pavlovian - every time he enters the room I just start giggling in anticipation. It's so easy when he switches so nerdily and innocently from "The battle for orgastic potency" --> "Can I touch the brain, just once? :D :D :D" and oh my god i love sweets, i love him. love love.

I loooooooooove Hodgins and angela so much. They have such a lovely natural chemistry and they are just so believable. And I was hoping the show wouldn't do what it did, but of course they did, and it's so awkward, forced, badly written, and unbelievable. It's almost more unbelievable than Zack being the Gormagon. What makes it worse is that the show is basing this ridiculously preposterous breakup on the logic versus emotion theme again, and it's SO POORLY DONE. The conceit was already wearing thin even before the writers made Zack succumb to the logic of Gormaghandi. But the whole "Hey, do you think logically we should be together?" "Oh. Huh. Actually, no. Okay," thing is so poorly constructed. It's particularly unlike Angela, who is the most intuitive, heart-centered character on the show.

I keep thinking about anatsuno's frustration that the show keeps pitting reason against emotion as if they are two completely incongruous traits - that when you choose one you're deliberately forsaking the other. this is actually getting more pronounced as the show goes on, and i'm really starting to see her point. it's a really strange. It seems to be the underlying illogic behind half the show's primary arcs, and always in a way that makes the course of reason seem deeply unsatisfying. So you have the Zack WTF WTFery because apparently serial murder is a matter of pure logic now, and now you have Angela and Hodgins, who obviously still love each other, breaking up because they decide it's logical. What the hell, show. Just. What the hell.

Then again, it has led to some beautiful, beautiful moments for Jack this season. Oh Hodgins. "I'd say 'king of the lab' but that just depresses me." :( :( :( :( and he says Zack is "my best friend who used to work here." not "the guy who was my best friend." because Zack still is. *cries*

ZACK. :((((((( I just have to say that I love that now we are back to the floppy hair. And just. JACK/ZACK FOREVER. :( You guys, look at this:

BFF. :( Hodgins losing Zack and Angela at once is totally twigging my hurt-comfort instincts in a good way, and my inner Jack/Zack shipper is being made very happy by all the pining and lashing-out and refusing to move into Zack's space and hospital visits of love. :( :( :( Oh, Zack.

As an aside, every time Bones cries on this stupid show it breaks my heart, and the end of the dogfighting ep just about tore me to pieces. And this - made me so happy, so so so happy:

They're SO SO SO HAPPY to have him back, their Zack. He just makes the squints a team again. I love how we've been rotating through assistants (I love how they're totally ripping off last season's House, but hey, I like it so who cares) and illustrating how much none of them, even when they're good, can fill the void Zack left. The show is being so loving towards Zack, in fact, that I almost don't care about the Gormagon issue.

But for the most part, this is the Zack/Jack show as far as I'm concerned lately, and that can keep happening for MANY TIMES PLEASE SHOW YES THANK YOU.


Bones/House are forever paired in my mind. I haven't seen any of this season yet, but Lily linked me to this, and thank god she did, because:


oh my god have you ever seen any couple more legally-marriagable-in-two-states than these two?1 No. No you absolutely have not. *runs around shipping house/wilson forever and ever and ever ahhhh*

1. and that's not even going into the silly string. holy wow.
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