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Dear Hikago fandom, I have a question for you.

Are they actually playing an Epic Go Tournament in Las Vegas with Naze and Akari cosplaying as bunnies for pure lolz?

And if so:
    how hot is it that they've partnered up, that Shindou/Touya are, naturally, partnering together, and Hikaru and Akira are totally going to kill all comers until they've won the cheesy and slightly sleazy Las Vegas cup? how hot will the celebratory tournament sex be afterwards? Is it ever possible for Touya to be distracted from an in-progress Go game? And is there any better opportunity for Hikaru to test this than when they are in a Las Vegas casino surrounded by glitter, glam, and playboy bunnies, sitting on the same side of the table where clearly no one will notice him sliding his hand up the inside of Touya's thigh while Touya plays? Will they meet Tony Stark and, if so, will he be as good on the board as he is everywhere else? Are they all in fact wearing tuxes because their next stop is the Elvis chapel across the street? Where are all the 'married in vegas' fics? Are they actually playing this game on the set of the American Gladiators? Is Isumi nervous because he's just come from back from seeing the Cher show, because he's going through a heterosexual crisis, because he's about to swear eternal fealty to Waya, because Naze's a half second away from jumping straight down his tuxedo, or because he's not sure even he can calm Waya down if Touya keeps getting all the google-eyes from the girls tonight? Is Akari even trying to pretend not to be staring at Touya's ass? Does Touya in fact wear suits better than George Clooney? Is Hikaru attempting to run interference before Waya can bodyslam his true love, or is he in fact about to do a little kung-fu fighting? could this story be any more blatantly shiny, cheesy, epic, and love-filled if it also featured Sai flying around like mary martin while giant glittery purple hearts fell from the sky as vegas dancers spinning out busby berkely choreography paraded around to the tune of "You Made Me Love You"?
Tags: go go honinbou!, hikago, i love you i love you hikago

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