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political spam yay :D

To all of you guys who took the time to comment on this post where I asked for feedback for my mom (who is conservative Republican): I just want to offer you all *huge hugs* and my deepest gratitude. She did read your comments and we had a really nice talk about Obama.

Today she emailed me this.
    Such an exciting day! Today will make history. I've never helped change the world before, that I know of...  "It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new world...."  I hope it turns out that way.

Thanks for helping me reach out to my family. Thanks for helping my mom choose to vote for Barack Obama, and for the values that matter to me most.

anybody have any heartwarming or inspiring political stories to share from this day, or this election year? Please, please share!

And it's cliched, yeah, but today, you know, i really feel like saying: God bless America.♥

we're on the verge of all things new:
we are two thousand years.
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