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let's get the seven lines.

5 Totally Bullshit Myths about Rahm Emanuel that you can stop repeating any time now, really

And by "you" I mean the blogosphere in general.

1. Rahm Emanuel supports compulsory military service for all people aged 18-24. Totally false.
The Truth: He supports a mandatory 3-month period of civil service for Americans within a certain time after exiting high school. Not military, and his proposal would let you volunteer for whatever you want. We're talking about Americorps here, not reinstating the draft. He also supports universal higher education for the same age group as part of the same proposal, but you never hear about that part.

2. Rahm Emanuel is a morally degenerate moderate. False.
The Truth: His Congressional voting record is more left-leaning than Barack Obama's. Really.

3. Rahm Emanuel is a completely non-partisan left-winger. False.
The Truth: He has a proven bi-partisan record, and in fact a recent polling of senior house members from both sides of the aisle showed that Rahm's selection as chief of staff had above a 90% approval rating from both parties.

4. Rahm Emanuel is either a raving "Israel first" Zionista or a dangerous Arab-lover (I don't even know, I just don't know): False.
The Truth: He is staunchly loyal to his Jewish constituents. He personally orchestrated the iconic handshake on the White House lawn between Arafat and Rabin. He is both a supporter of Israel and a supporter of Israeli accountability. this article is an excellent summary of his stance on Middle Eastern relations in general.

5. He's supposedly taped on over 21 conversations with Blago. False. Bullshit bullshit bullshit.
The Truth: The closest that actual press has gotten to reporting this is an unsourced, unproven line of gossip by Michael Sneed on her/his Sun-Times blog. The feds have stated repeatedly and clearly that Rahm Emanuel is not under investigation for wrongdoing and will not be. What more do you need? The guy's clean.


also, just fyi, since some of you have mentioned it: i am not only interested in the Rahm Emanuel fandom right now. i am actually fangirling jon/stephen so much right now i have to like take breaks to contain my glee. also: i miss hikago dearly! i am thinking strongly of rewatching prince of tennis! i am over the moon about yuletide this year! i want more havemercy slash! i still need to catch up on house and BSG! i need more people to fangirl hot fuzz, pimp me anime, rant with me about death note, angst about bones, be >:0 at me about avatar casting, and slash john mcclane with me!

but i'm modding a brand-new baby community that's extremely active and eager, and we're going through lots of growing pains right now. i'm trying to nurture it and make sure it gets off to a good start. that's all. *hugs*

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