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Reading 2009

As previously mentioned, one of my big goals this year is to wean myself off the habit of compulsively buying books from Borders and independent bookstores without devoting equal time to reading them. My goal is two-fold: a) to try to make it through every single book I own but haven't yet read by the end of the year (a very daunting task since i own a shameful amount of unread or only partially-read books); and b) don't buy a new book until I've finished an old one.

I do intend to keep track of this. Lately I have been feeling a dearth of reading actual books, though I won't lie, the fact that I feel sort of between-fandoms and have not really been falling in love with fanfic lately has a lot to do with that. I know, I know.

But, right, as I was saying:

Finished Book #1 for 2009

This is the sort of book I should love. It's a contemporary *rural* children's fantasy- you do not know how much I want to read more of those - and it's a river tale in the best tradition of Wind in the Willows and Huckleberry Finn. It's set in Minnesota on the banks of the Mississippi, and there's enough charm in that fact alone to make me happy I gave it a try. It's got a wealth of clever and fun twists on old folk tales and children's fantasy traditions, and it's impressive in the amount of sheer plot it tries to pack into one novel. Beyond the initial delight of being introduced to river magic, it didn't quite have characterizations that kept me deeply interested in all the action (and there is a lot of action) - but I think that's purely a personal taste and not a reflection on the book itself. The writing was quite nice and I think this book would go over well with many of my friends-listers, so I encourage you guys to check it out.

On to book 2, which so far I am enjoying very much:

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