let's get the seven lines. (bookshop) wrote,
let's get the seven lines.

it took me all day to write this. life.

  • Chincoteague and Assateague Islands are the fantasy vacation lands of my childhood. I have wanted to go there ever since I was a little girl (for the obvious reason that any girl who loves horses and books will know ♥) - and now, of all things unexpected, I live less than an hour away.

  • I don't understand Twitter at all. I don't understand where people find the *time* to update constantly about their day as they go through it, much less read each other's updates throughout the day, much less *respond* to each other. I go through my day just trying to catch up on the day before, and that's only dealing with multiple chat clients, email, and texts. throw twitter in (much less, lol, facebook), and it's just too much. What is the key here? D:

  • Chat clients are complicated enough. I have been trying to find a lightweight version of Digsby all morning. There isn't one. Ultimate sadness; I now have Digbsy, Gtalk, and Yahoo all open at once, because the three of them together, open separately, still use less resources than the combined platform on Digsby. :(

  • The better question though is: why are people still using AIM and MSN. Hideous hideous platforms. :(

  • And speaking of things I don't understand: Tumblr. What *is* it? How am I supposed to use it? It seems as if what digsby/trillian/etc are to chat clients, tumblr is to web 2.0. but.... what does that mean exactly? It's like i'm alone in a metropolis of websites and i am cursing myself for spending all those years never leaving my house. Aka LJ.

  • I learn so much from reading the Nebula award finalists every year. Look! This site has a whole bunch of them online, which is wonderful. But? Hands down? My favorite Nebula and/or Hugo finalist (it didn't even win) is and always will be Geoff Ryman's "Pol Pot's Beautiful Daughter." I would give anything to tell a story like this.

  • last night on my way to (yet another) rehearsal i accidentally got lost and wound up stopping at a used bookstore. I thought it was just a typical run of the mill used first-print bookstore, but then I realized there was a whole backroom full of thousands upon thousands of books: giant metal shelves of endless rows of creased romances and sci fi and mysteries - like a wall tapestry of cheap paperbacks through the ages.

    It was a good way to get lost.

    To bring this entry back to its beginning, I bought the dearest book of my childhood, because i felt a re-read coming on:
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