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book progress:

Finished:this was a re-read so technically it should not count, but i am desperate.
About 50% through:I love Michael Eric Dyson. I learn so much from him, and his rhetorical skills both as a writer and as a speaker are a pleasure to experience.
Reading selections from:
Not sure how i feel about Doris Lessing. I have trouble relating to her fiction, and I think it's primarily because I feel like the paradigm she is writing about, this constant battle for autonomy and identity that exists between men & women, no longer exists. What her writing does is spell out, beautifully, the conflict of a particular literary moment. But I don't know that it means more to me because of that.
picking away at:253, a novel for the Internet about London Underground
in seven cars and a crash
, by Geoff Ryman.
I am not really into interactive novels, but I am into Geoff Ryman. So I am working my way through the drabble-esque bits of fiction that bind this interactive work together, and finding myself alternately fascinated, moved, and charmed.
Bought this week (used) and already cast aside (fail, self):
shut up, i was determined to read a romance novel from cover to cover, because i... can't ever seem to get through them. :( I love romance. I love Jane Austen, I love Georgette Heyer, I love slash romance, and yet - I don't finish most of the romance novels I start. I try and I just. Tend to get thrown out of the story one way or another, either by wretched writing or ridiculous characters, or, both. In this case.... it was both. :( Ultimately, two pages in I found that I just did not care about the overwrought fantasy of Emma and her rugged highland lover, and his pristine, beautiful wife, who nobly dies so that nothing will stand in the way of Emma's love for her husband.
Oh well. There's always Revenge for a Duchess: ....or not. D:

also bought:My first foray into published Jane Austen fanfic. This was my first fandom, and over the years I have mostly snickered at the commercial versions of fanfic I used to read and enjoy. But it was on sale and I was in the mood. Plus, I figure as romance goes you really cannot go wrong sticking to a strict retelling of Emma from Mr. Knightley's point of view. <3 Oh, Mr. Knightley. *swoons*


Friday some friends & I went to see My Bloody Valentine, ahaha, and I just want to say that it is a joy to be in fandom, because nothing is quite as endearing as the act of being ~deeply invested~ in the success of bad movies because of Wincest. :D I actually enjoyed it to pieces (hehehehe) and it's all the fault of Jensen Ackles that now I'm reading adorable J2 and being charmed silly. AWWWW. Jared Padelecki, I don't even like you, stop making me grin. Stop it!

...oh god too late, JSQUARED HOW ARE YOU ADORABLE. go away stop making me want to pet you. D:
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