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Randomly, some love and (legitimate) usage of my favorite tag

"We'll have lunch sent to my compartment."

I love fictional gay serial killers. Cruising, Rope, The Watcher, Apartment Zero, Dexter, Death Note. I am fascinated by them and the subtexts they represent and the hideous contexts that surround them and I just. sldkjf;d. I love them, okay, shut up.

This movie? This movie is why.

I love this movie so much. I love how blatantly seductive Hitch lets Robert Walker be, I love how crazy and enthralling and charming he is, I love how Farley Granger (who is not-so-secretly bisexual himself) just lets Guy be so fascinated by Bruno, even and up to the end, I love how fantastic and strong the whole first scene of this film is and how it's basically one big giant coded pick-up happening right in front of the audience, I love how they are toning down the homoerotica from the original Highsmith novel, I love how just. Robert Walker is amazing, okay. And Farley Granger, you are a sex symbol among men and a hundred years from now after people have forgotten all about the word "metrosexual" they will be watching this film and going, see that? That is ideal manhood.

ALSO THERE IS TENNIS. There is gay serial killing and THERE IS GAY TENNIS.

Strangers on a Train, you are my first great gay crush.

The End.

P.S. Seriously, how did they get away with this film in 1951? Hitch, I doff the relevant parts of my clothing in your honor.
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