let's get the seven lines. (bookshop) wrote,
let's get the seven lines.

My 'read first, buy later' campaign continues apace, but can I just say:

Dear writers of the universe,

please please please please please quit using ZOMG SURPRISE INCEST! and ZOMG SURPRISE FAMILIAL RELATION! or ZOMG SURPRISE INCEST AND SURPRISE FAMILIAL RELATION! as your big shocker twist. It was passé by the time Heathcliff was banging his head on trees over Cathy. It really should have gone down with the House of Usher, stayed locked in the attic with all those flowers, kept itself isolated after those hundred years of solitude, never gone back to the future, never sprung all those father/sister confessions on hapless luke skywalker.

But in the last few years, it's like. INCEST and SURPRISE IMPLAUSIBLE FAMILY CONNECTIONS, look, they are everywhere!!!!! and by that i mean, oh, to name just a few off the top of my head, lostveronicamarssongoficeandfiregodofsmallthingscityofboneslostsoulsdresdenfileshousehavemercydextermiddlesexheroes and the last five books i have read. that's five in a row. oh fine, Namely The Secret of Castle Cant, Tales of Despereaux, Horns & Wrinkles, Case Histories, and the gothic YA novel Set in Stone.


love, me.


I have a question. I keep hearing that only 5% of the stimulus package is going to infrastructure. I have heard that figure over and over but I have no idea if it's accurate, and in the meantime President Obama is over here talking about all the infrastructure jobs we're going to create. Which would be amazing (drive through a creaky 60-year-old tunnel every day and it's amazing how fast you start to care about infrastructure). But is it really accurate? HELP ME, SOMEONE WHO HAS ACTUALLY HAD TIME TO READ FINANCIAL NEWS?

p.s. every time someone says "president obama" on the radio or the news i get this little frisson of excitement, like it just hits me all over again that we actually *elected* this man. oh my *goodness.* <3
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