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this post has no point, but it's long anyway!

STUFF, INCLUDING: fandom, wincest, death note, the republican party, horror films, gay serial killers, the unpleasant continued existence of certain ships that are not tezuka/ryoma, a request, and the kitchen sink

  • The GOP, classy as ever.

  • just in case you missed it, here's a complete rundown of what's in the Stimulus Package.

    I have to say looking this over I feel pretty satisfied with all the things they're targeting. I wish they had spent more money on science though. But hey, at least they're spending *any* money on Science.

  • Went to see Friday the 13th on Fri. the 13th, hee, and I have to say I enjoyed it immensely. I'll probably be embarrassed later at how scared I was, but I thought it was a nice take-off on the original. Also, I think this movie somehow managed to do what nine seasons of the Gilmore Girls and Supernatural could not do, and that is find Jared attractive. Fandom has seriously affected my ability to form rational opinions, because not only did I enjoy watching the guy, but I was amazed at how much I was genuinely ~emotionally attached~ to him. I don't understand how this could happen. What does this mean? Am I finally ready to ship Wincest, or perhaps to jump straight to J2? Does this mean I break out my SPN dvds and start trying to catch up on the series? Does that way lie madness? I THINK IT PROBABLY DOES, LET'S JUST FORGET THE WHOLE THING.

  • Buoyed on a wave of horror film love I am spending my Valentines day weekend defaulting on my third_monday assignment watching horror films. the list so far:

    - The original Friday the 13th, which is sadly one of the most unfortunately ridiculous films to ever be considered a classic. Not because it's not scary, but because the last fifteen minutes consists of *****the killer (is there anybody who needs to remain unspoiled for this)**** flailing and falling over a lot. A popsicle stick could do more damage. <3

    Life lesson learned in this film: holy shit, should've used the Buddy System. D:

    - Sleepaway Camp! Not much to say about this except that it was thoroughly enjoyable, and I can't believe it took me this long to see it. Amazing reveal, random subtext everywhere, classic GAY DADS FUCK YOU UP homophobia and general weirdness, all in all a classic!. :D Life lesson learned from this film: .........his head is pastede on yay? *runs*

    - A Tale of Two Sisters. I might have loved this film, because I've loved just about every Asian horror film I've ever seen, and there was a lot to love here - except I did not have the first idea what the fuck was going on. Seriously what the fuck was going on in this movie? Mulholland Dr. was easier to follow. Supposedly it's much better than the remake, The Uninvited, but I feel like I need to watch the remake just because it might make more sense.

    Life lesson learned from this film and also Audition: Giant Heavy Bags = STOP WATCHING NOW OH MY GOD

    - The Exorcist, aka my favorite horror film. It just gets better every time I see it. This is probably the sixth or seventh viewing, but it always feels like i'm watching it for the first. <3 Life lesson learned from this film: never get involved in a land excavation in Asia.

    - Eden Lake, which basically made me want to kill myself. Life lesson learned from this film (among about fifty, including but not limited to, 'never go camping outside of cell phone range' and 'never try to appeal to the honor of a gang of fourteen year olds'): if the locals act unhelpful, then they probably won't help you.

    - The Psychic, cheesy Italian film. Biggest life lesson learned from this film: if the house you're thinking of buying causes you to envision your own death, DON'T BUY THE HOUSE.

    - The Lottery, which is pretty much an AU plebefic of the Shirley Jackson short story, starring Felicity and some guy who looks like the love child of the Fonz and Kirk Cameron's hair, who apparently keeps his dad's ashes in one of those high-tech coffee thermoses. Life lesson learned from this film: if the town has a name like "New Hope," keep driving, because it's named ironically.

    - Joshua, a story about a kid with intense sibling rivalry and a mom with whack post-natal depression. D: D: D: Dear god, put the two of them in a room and let them hug it out, please. Life lesson learned from this film: don't have children. D:


  • i'll just throw in randomly: i Love TVTropes. Love. that site. I always get lost for hours. Current favorite: this excerpt from the "Shut Up, Hannibal" page:
      • Harry Dresden does this a lot, though mostly to Magnificent Bastard John Marcone.
        (***Aja pauses here to insert several hearts***)
        • It should be noted, though, that Harry reacts this way even when Marcone is making a very reasonable offer and being very polite about it. Harry can be kind of a dick himself.
        • And Marcone's general response is to snark back and look amused. (Also, when the hero has called up the gangster on two occasions in the books and asked the gangster for help—and received it, on both occasions—well, I'm not sure Marcone can be classed solely as a villain any longer.)

    OH, YOU DON'T SAY, TV TROPES? Somehow I suspect Harry Dresden doesn't classify Marcone as a villain any longer either. ♥♥♥♥♥♥
  • I'm having a huge magnificent bastard/insufferable genius moment. I love Light Yagami. I love him in all his smug insufferable implausible ridiculous gay serial killer glory. Can we talk about Death Note, I love talking about Death Note, love love love and also yay Light/L. <3

  • DEAR WORLD, TEZUKA/FUJI IS STILL NOT CANON, I JUST NEED TO STATE THIS FOR MY OWN EDIFICATION. Tezuka still in love with Ryoma forever okay okay okay. okay.

  • Dear World, Part II: I love Hikaru no Go so much. Why can't there be more forever. more more more.

  • This is not a novel to be tossed aside lightly.
    It should be thrown with great force.
    Dorothy Parker
    This is literally what I did withTwilight when I read it. I also did it with my beloved ~Lords of Discipline~, among others. *_*

    Reading quiz:
  • What books have you literally thrown across the room?
  • But what are your thoughts on yaoi? Death Note and the exaltation of Kira as social commentary?
  • Is Gentleman John Marcone a Magnificent Bastard? And how is he doing convincing Harry about the 'magnificent' part?
  • Quick quick who is more in love, Akira with Hikaru or Tezuka with Ryoma? SHOW YOUR WORK.
  • Favorite horror film?

    Extra credit (on material that was not covered in your assignment):
    FILL IN THE BLANK: The casting of Avatar: the Last Airbender is ___(adjective)__. Choose a descriptive word that best completes this sentence.

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