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let's get the seven lines.

psst, hikago fen *pokes*

So a while back I unsubbed from all the hikago tags on delicious because I was sick of seeing links for fics I've already read, sigh. And I sort of took a much-needed fandom hiatus, accidentally mostly, because of RL and everything else.

I just went back and browsed back about 7 pages in the listing, to the point where I was seeing link notes I remembered. But I still didn't find anything new. :( I mean, I know it's there because I am finding wonderful zoe fic from ten months ago that I missed the first go-around, so I think it's time to ask for recs, because my filter seems to be broken.

So. Issuing the disclaimer that, yes, I know about the one big long fic that was just posted (it's always good to see new people writing things) -
- and issuing the disclaimer that, yes, I know about ♥ Resolution of Territory ♥ because I beta'd it, and it appears to have ruined me for all other fic in its wake, which is the problem i'm now attempting to address:

Please rec your favorite hikago fics that have been written within the last year! ♥

eta: oh wait hey hello six thousand words of Waya/Isumi Penguin!fic, where have you been all my life ♥___♥ *grabs*
Tags: hikago, shitty go gets you exiled, to china

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