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let's get the seven lines.

on silence, and speaking.

poilass has a very good post here where she notes the importance of speaking out, especially in light of Bear's 'let's all just shut up,' (beautifully contrasted here), lest her silence be taken as passiveness or tacit agreement.

some of you still might not know what to make of Racefail09. for those overwhelmed, there have been a number of summaries - one of the best and simplest is here.

Please, please take some time to at least read that summary and educate yourselves about what is happening (and still is happening, regardless of who says it is time to stop). This is an issue that has impacted, among other things:
- the way People of Color interact with non-PoC;
- the way Fans of Color interact with professional editors, publishers, critics, and authors, and all other producers/commentators/distributors of their canons;
- the way Foc and non-FoC interact;
- the way fans at large interact with the producers/commentators/distributors of their canons;
- the safety and ability of FoC to participate freely in fandom space without being attacked, dismissed, or violated;
- the privacy of fans everywhere, and their right to the safe space of livejournal and fandom;
- the way authors write;
- the way readers read;
- the mutual trust between authors and fans, on all sides.

please please educate yourself, and speak as you feel led. if you don't feel comfortable making a post on your own journal, consider leaving a comment of affirmation on the most affirmative statement that has been made.

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