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Contest! Win an LJ gift certificate!

So, LJ just told me that this entry is a finalist for their 10 year anthology.

In recent years *sighs fondly* LJ and I have had our differences, but lately they've done a lot of things right, and right now they are spotlighting verb_noire, which makes me out and out love them again, so it is with great affection that I make this post.

If your LJ appears in the anthology, you get a $20 LJ gift certificate. At the finalist stage, even if it doesn't make it in, it still receives an honorable mention and you get a $5 gift certificate. That's 2 months of paid account time, buddy.

Which is all well and good, but I have a permanent account, and I've already been there, done that, burned the t-shirt.


So, gang. Let's play FREE STUFF GIVEAWAY!

comment to this entry and link me to one of your favorite moments from your Livejournal, and I'll automatically enter you in a drawing to win my LJ gift certificate.

This entry will remain open until March 30th.

(Thanks again to Aiden and anyone else who nominated this LJ for the anthology. Love you guys, and love you all. ♥)
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