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Things! (or, Aja refuses to do laundry and is LJing instead like a loser)

- My favorite Shakespeare play used to be Twelfth Night, but I think over the years it has gradually shifted towards Macbeth. Not that I don't love Twelfth Night, but Macbeth is so batshit insane and surreal, it's like a gothic romance and a horror movie and an opium dream and a tale told by an idiot all in one. And it's so quotable! and fun, in its enormous body count, three witches, who-is-the-third-murderer, why-is-that-ghost-sitting-in-my-chair and why-am-i-seeing-invisible-weapons, unsex-me-here-because-i'm-about-ten-times-more-badass-than-my-pathetic-husband kind of way.

(Oh, and i almost forgot the best part - that it's CURSED. it's a batshit insane play that's CURSED. BEST EVER.)

- My favorite Shakespeare anything is Prince Hal's speech from I Henry IV, Act I, Scene ii: I know you all...
Prince Hal's whole character arc has always had a huge impact on me - on the kinds of characters I fall in love with, and on the kinds of stories I tell about them. I've been thinking about Prince Hal a lot lately, because if Harry Potter is so clearly patterned after Henry V, then the BBC's Arthur is so clearly patterned after his younger, more reckless, but still wonderfully strong/wise/sexy self.

And honestly I think every character I write has had shades of Prince Hal: not quite royal, not yet - but still undeniably something more than common.

- I swear, Merlin fandom, if I let myself, I would make a delicious tag that just says "oh, merlin fandom, no" and then i would use it on everything. Like the 8 million genderswaps/possessive!arthur/drunken!revels/accidental!bedsharing/let's-drag-merlin-into-a-magic-stripping-glade-thing-and-torture-him-to-find-out-he's-a-wizard-because-yeah-that-shit's-in-character-don't-get-me-started/ seriously-what-is-up-with-all-the-freaking-SAM/DEAN-appearances-in-6th-century-England-why-just-why/ wait-why-are-we-acting-like-magic=>GAY-is-some-kind-of-deeply-original-parallel-now-isn't-that-an-intentional-allegory-promoted-by-the-show-itself-because-if-not-then-please-allow-me-to-have-my-due-for-standing-up-and-shouting-OH HAI GUYS MERLIN HAS TO "COME OUT" ABOUT HIS MAGIC, GET IT?-*headdesk*/seriously-did-i-just-read-three-fics-in-a-row-about-Arthur-shagging-scullery-maids/what-is-is-this-GAIUS/MERLIN-oh-my-god-oh-merlin-fandom-NO.

*coughs* *returns to writing Merlin Big Bang fic and being a nice person, really*

- question! if you had to name a slash dragon, what would you name it? (and no, you do not get points for Draco. )
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