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So everybody's talking about the Supernatural ep.

Dude, I haven't even see it yet, so my opinion is more generally based on what is my HONEST TO GOD GLEE whenever fandom is represented in the mainstream media with a dose of affection and good humor rather than UGH YOU PSYCHOS.

I genuinely am so baffled by fear of public exposure to fandom. And i feel like, okay, dude, if anyone should be afraid of public exposure to fandom, it is me, the person who lost her job because someone linked her boss to her livejournal, because is that not just the ultimate horror story of what happens when fandom and real life collide.

And yet, NO, because, because it's not *my* fault that my boss was a fucktard, ahaha, and it has nothing to do with fandom, and honestly, there have been no lasting repercussions, and while yes, it has definitely changed the way I handle my online identity, it has not changed my real-life relationship to fandom in any way. I have since had a number of jobs where *nearly everyone* I worked with either knew about fandom or were members of fandom themselves, and casually referenced it just like lolcats and internet memes, because it was no big deal. And yes, I also had a job where I had to lock down my journal because the fandom connection would directly impact the work I did. But that was specific to that job and the fact that my real name is permanently connected to my fandom identity. It had nothing to do with fear of anyone finding out about the existence of fandom, or my participation in it.

Because, honestly, seriously, HOW IS FANDOM DIFFERENT FROM ANY OTHER RIDICULOUS THING ON THE INTERNET. How is any RPS fandom different from "I'm fucking Ben Affleck!" How is comic fandom all that different from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog? How is rahmbamarama that different from the many many internet jokes abounding about George Bush and Tony Blair's great gay love? How is sci-fi fandom separate from the Onion articles about Barack pining for BSG, or fantasy fandom separate from the XKCD strip on the misogyny in the Princess Bride? There's just... not that great a divide between "fandom" and mainstream internet culture - more than ever, there is so much of an overlap that it's ridiculous to try and track it.

And really, look, what are they going to do to us? Apparently if they're Supernatural producers, they're going to... write lightly mocking stories about fans, the way fans write lightly mocking stories about canon? I think it's actually a wonderful homage. Especially when fannish history is full of so many *non*-affectionate and cruel "get a life"-ish responses from TPTB and the so-called mainstream media.

For an awesome example - @anamariecox recently twittered about the rahmbamarama cafepress store. This prompted a lot of "LOL WE KNEW YOU WERE ONE OF US" (because she is, she so is, she has totally joined RBR under the username lurker010101 or something, WE ARE ON TO YOU ANA MARIE). But it also prompted a lot of OH NO THE ESTABLISHMENT WILL FIND US freaking-out.

And I can definitely understand the idea that fans just want fandom to be an isolated space, because they want it to be safe space. But i don't think those two things are necessarily correlated. My opinion is that someone like AMC noticing political fandom and reacting positively actually makes fandom safer than us hiding out acting like we're criminals, because it says "not only is this not some kind of freaky marginal thing, it's actually pretty normal, and actually kind of AWESOME."

Withholding all further judgment about this particular ep of SPN til I see it *downloads eagerly* but I always love SPN when it goes off on its geeky meta kicks, and I think meta kicks + fandom + open acknowledgment of Wincest without open condemnation of it? is actually pretty damn amazing of them.


P.S. I've been meaning to say this forever but whether or not you are an Avatar fan, please please please sign the petition protesting Paramount's blatant whitewashing of the film, because this is so so so very, very, very, very important. If you want to do more, please consider writing a letter of protest with the info available here. For the record, the letter I sent is here.

P.P.S. So now we all really ought to give Iowa a try. ♥
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