let's get the seven lines. (bookshop) wrote,
let's get the seven lines.

Just spoke to Holly at Amazon Customer Support

She said they have been overwhelmed with calls about this this morning and have been trying to gather information.

According to her, we should not use the connect-help@ email, or email them directly, because it will be routed to the publishing department which is the wrong place.

She asked instead that we log into our Amazon accounts and send over any links and info that we have through the "Help" link on the Amazon front page. Click "Contact Us," then "Send an Email" and choose "Other" from the dropdown link (snapshot).

I sent her a link to all the relevant links on meta_writer as well as Smart Bitches' googlebomb attempt and the twitter trending.

She said they are compiling info and she will be monitoring that email to see what comes in and make sure it gets directed to the right place.

eta: also of course everyone please continue to call. the number i got through on was 800-201-7575.

#amazonfail is trending at #1 right now, good job!

ETA to note: this writer claims that Amazonfail has been going on since February.

Tags: *headdesk*, books, politics

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