let's get the seven lines. (bookshop) wrote,
let's get the seven lines.

things. (in which you can tell twitter is affecting my LJ style)

1. I basically fucking love Twitter.

2. I'm 2 chapters into The Forest of Hands And Teeth*, and I can't put it down, it's so fantastically and grippingly written.

3. (If you buy Forest of Hands and Teeth this week, buy it from Powells and type the code "#powellswin" into the coupon code for 20% off all purchases over $20.)

4. Being able to come back from lunch and go @carrieryan "I'M TWO CHAPTERS IN AND I LOVE YOUR BOOK" = why I basically fucking love twitter.

5. I didn't think I would, I honestly thought I would hate it, but dude. I also basically fucking love dreamwidth.

6. Friend me at bookshop, please. *points up* Thank you to wonderful pir_anha for my invite. :x

7. My first invite code? Went to commonlogic, who, seven and a half crazy years ago, was the person who said to me, "Hey, you should try livejournal. Want a code?"

8. I love that I can know a person for ten years almost solely over the internet, and have a moment where we come full circle like this.

9. No matter what, I probably will always basically fucking love LJ.

* allow me to contribute to the recent zombie pop culture trend by stating: braaaaaaains
Tags: books, fandom, life, lj

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