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So, for months I have been wandering around thinking, self, you should really read more steampunk. I don't actually really know what steampunk is, or if I have in fact ever read it before. I was, like, halfway through Havemercy before I suddenly went, "oh, wait, hey, this is a mechanical dragon, this is steampunk, omg i'm reading steampunk!" so yeah, not so much with the recognition.

not too long ago my friend drew this and i was like omg steampunk garage! and then rahmbamarama started giving us steampundits, yes, you heard me, steampundits, which is the most wonderful thing ever, just, with, like. amazing fanart, *amazing* amazing fanart, and fic, and, like, kdfs;dasklsjdf; Stephen Colbert + DIRIGIBLES, okay, and then on top of all that, this happened:


and then, also today, a flister produced an amazing piece of steampunk!wonderland art, and I basically went okay, OKAY UNIVERSE, I GET IT, I WILL READ MORE STEAMPUNK FOR YOU. Perhaps I am meant to write Victorian Gossip Girl In Space.

So I am turning to Steampunk Magazine as I write this. SEXY.

But, what I mean to say is:
have you any steampunk recs?

Also, have just discovered Brass Goggles, and ! ! ! Omg. My moment of zen has never been so well-oiled.

In other news I think I am going to try maybe writing something for this. In other, other news, today I ordered a copy of Shine, Coconut Moon from my local independent bookstore and swore off Amazon forever.

In other other other news, @feikoi *just* twittered about wanting steampunk recs so I AM POSTING THIS NOW BEFORE THE COINCIDENCES ALL FALL AND SQUISH ME. *SHIVERS*
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