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two overly long posts in a day, what? if you'd had the week I've had, you wouldn't care either!

Livejournal, why did you not tell me that they're re-issuing Hikaru no Go with new cover art!

OH AKIRA AKIRA AKIRA AKIRA I LOVE YOU FOREVER AND EVER *____* look look look also you have to click on the teensy hikaru stone to see the new covers but ZOMG LOOK AT THEM. the first cover is so beautiful, so so so beautiful. (You can also see smaller thumbnails here.) But the wallscroll cover is the best. :D i cannot resist the urge, looking at that picture, to exclaim: "AT LAST, MY ARM IS COMPLETE AGAIN!" this concludes your bizarre fandom crossover references for today, as well as your gratuitous "Aja starts blithering about stephen sondheim or hikaru no go for no reason" moment. okay, really, the more i think about it, i'm surprised i haven't made that connection sooner. sjfsdfjs;l but just. you guys. NEW HIKARU NO GO. :D :D :D :D :D I am just. this makes me so happy. so so so happy.

(i know, you are all going, but Aja, this isn't really new, there's just new art for old story, and in the meantime, over here is NEW PRINCE OF TENNIS about which you have said ZILCH NADA NOTHING, and Aja, where is your heart? and the answer, well, the answer is - I fell so far behind on still-running Prince of Tennis in 2007 that I never caught up - never finished the nationals or the OVAs! I DON'T EVEN TECHNICALLY QUITE KNOW HOW IT ENDS. my love for Tenipuri is at least partly the love for the moment of living that Prince of Tennis brought me. I still love the characters but I don't know that I'll ever be able to capture the moment in the same way. so it is still out there, this big giant unanswered blank ? for me, and so I prefer it to stay, for now.)

Continuing trying to note and review every book I've read this year:

Beautifully horrific, mesmerizing, engrossing from the first page on. ZOMBIES! if you don't already know, Forest of Hands and Teeth takes place many lifetimes after the zombie apocalypse. I think of it as 21 Days Later meets The Village meets The Draco Trilogy. No really, the influence seems obvious to me, and CC blurbed it, so CLEARLY IT IS THERE, okay. dfkasklsdf. Which means that if you love adventure and fraught teen romance, and also zombies, you'll love this book - and who doesn't love adventure, fraught teen romance, and zombies! (Also, I may be crazy, but I can't help thinking that the next book in the series offers the promise of PIRATES, in which case it will be adventure, fraught teen romance, zombies, AND PIRATES. After which I think carrie_ryan fills up her "everything you could want in a YA novel" bingo card and wins a trip to Tahiti.)

My only minor quibble was that I felt at times the pacing was a bit slow, but even the slow moments didn't feel like slowdowns so much as time to breathe between the recurring moments of horror. Which she does VERY WELL *jumps at small noises* Then there's the fact that everyone around Mary is sort of endlessly attempting to hold her back, to the point where I, your needlessly critical reader, was like, "geez, people, IT'S THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, the least you can do is stick together!" And by the end, I was pretty much expecting Mary to just be like SCREW ALL Y'ALL. EXCEPT THE PIRATES. AND GABRIELLE. Which she didn't because thankfully she is awesome.

(And can I just say that Gabrielle = AWESOME AND KICK-ASS.)

Also, there's a scene near the end that pretty much seals Mary's inherent level of awesome, because holy shit, MAJOR SPOILERING A MAJOR SPOILER BECAUSE OF MAJOR SPOILER is a MAJORLY SPOILERY REACTION that qualifies as badass, not the whimpy superimposed kind of badass, but the real HOLY SHIT THAT'S BADASS kind of badass.

OH MY GOD and there's also the part where she's KIND OF A WALKING ZOMBIE HERSELF, WALKING AROUND DOING SPOILERY THINGS TO SPOILERY THINGS and you are just like HOLY GOD, LEAD THIS CHILD TO A LAND WHERE THERE'S PROZAC, BLESS HER DEADENED HEART. So, yeah. This was a completely awesome heroine in a completely awesome sunken deadened universe that I can't wait to find out more about.


This concludes this overly long post. I thought I might try to work zombies and Hikaru no Go and Stephen Sondheim in together, but then it would be, like, Touya coming back from the grave, only instead of brains he'd want Goooooooooooooooooo so of course all attempts to ply him off with checkers and battleship would be to no avail, and then when he finally got to Hikaru's house, Hikaru wouldn't even realize he was Undead and would instead just be like, "dude, let's play," and even Undead Akira would sing, ~"NO ONE HAS EVER LOVED ME AS DEEPLY AS YOU"~. The End.
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