let's get the seven lines. (bookshop) wrote,
let's get the seven lines.

Book + ARC giveaways!

- Win an ARC of the Demon's Lexicon! sarahtales will be judging the best comment. Sally forth and do your best, fellow desperate demon hunters. <3

- win a copy of cindypon's Silver Phoenix by commenting on this review at Authors Now. I'm so excited about this book, which features Chinese mythology and folklore and is set in ancient China. cindy_pon, the author, is also an excellent brush artist. Go check her out!

- my copy of Silver Phoenix arrives today at my local independent, which is perfect since today is #buyindieday - Buy from an Independent Bookstore today! Don't know where one is near you? Check IndieBound's storefinder and find out! :D

♥ to all.

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