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Happy Hikago Day!!!!!

Hello, everyone!

I am making my first official crosspost from Dreamwidth to LJ to wish you all the happiest of May 5ths! It's Cinco de Mayo, of course, but more importantly to me, it's Boy's Day in Japan, which means that it's HIKAGO DAY! And Hikaru no Go is basically my favorite thing in the whole entire world.

5 Reasons we celebrate Hikago Day:

1. Because in Japan, "go" is the word for the number "5", so 5/5 is GO, GO day!
2. Because our hero, Hikaru is a huge dork who paints "LET'S FIVE!" on his shirts, so today we can all go around and say "LET'S FIVE!" to each other and it will actually make sense. Shut up, it so makes sense.
3. Because even though it's a very, very sad day in Hikaru no Go canon, it's ultimately a very *happy* day, because Hikaru no Go is a story about 2 people (really, 3 people) having to travel very long and sometimes hard paths to find their destinies, and it's a celebration of the fact that ultimately, they *find* those destinies and their souls are forever joined and connected because of that shared journey. And it's only the most beautiful thing in the world, okay.
4. Because Hikago is all about cycles! Cycles of life and death and rebirth, Cycles of failure and success, cycles of mourning and celebration. So, for me, May 5th has become my personal holiday to celebrate all those things at once, and to look back and reflect on the cycles in my own life! (it's spiritual, for me, this story. I love it. so. much.)
5. Because it gives us an excuse to talk about Hikaru no Go, which basically makes it the best day ever.

As you know if you've read my journal for a while, for the last 2 years, every spring I've done a Hikago Day Top 5 Meme. This year, by request, and because we're also celebrating Dreamwidth, I'm doing it on the DW [community profile] hikarunogo community here!

The previous incarnations of the meme are here (2007), here (2008), and (2009).

And just for fun, here are 5 pimp posts about Hikaru no Go: mine, eddy's (it's locked right now but i'll make her unlock it i swear), sorka's, harukami's, mtranc3's, and matilda's as a bonus. :D okay and one more picspam from me. 5, 7, whatever.

(We interrupt this otherwise informative post to give you HOMG A PICTURE OF TOUYA'S BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL TOUYAFACE:

FLAIL. LOOKIT LOOK AT HIM OH AKIRA ♥_♥. There is only one person on the whole planet who can make him look like that and if you don't know who it is, it's because you're not reading Hikaru no Go.

Aaaaaand if you *do* know who it is, then it's a sign you want to


ILU FOREVER, HIKAGO. AND EVER. *slips away to flail quietly*

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