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My feelings on this year's LJ Advisory Board elections.

I keep being asked to comment on last year's advisory board elections, and also on this year's. I don't actually know why I am being asked to comment on this, but whatever, so here goes:

1. I wish there had been more openness about the entire proceedings after the board was finalized.

2. I think the 'non-disclosure agreement' which board members are required to sign is unfortunate and precludes openness and accountability from LJ, and full communication between the AB and us, the LJ userbase.

3. I think legomymalfoy did a good job as a board member and I do not regret voting for her. I hold LJ, not Jen, responsible for the silence and lack of openness around the board's meetings, and for the board not meeting more often/more publicly.

4. I have no opinion, and in fact have not even looked to see who, if any, the current candidates are. I have severely limited time for LJ these days and cannot guarantee that I will be able to issue a comment on these candidates like I did last year. As always, I encourage fandom to vote for fandom constituents who have fandom backgrounds, who display a vested interest in protecting transformative works such as fanfic, fanvids, and fanart.

5. Between any two fandom candidates, my vote will automatically go to a candidate who is also a member of or who in some other way supports the Organization for Transformative Works.

6. Overall, I feel that fandom as a body has less reason to be invested in this year's election, because of the existence of Dreamwidth.org, which was formed in part to be a journal space with the source code of LJ but with the interest of protecting and encouraging fannish works. This does not mean, however, that I care about the success of LJ or its Advisory Board any less: it just means that we, fandom, have a fandom-generated fallback.

7. I would strongly encourage everyone reading this post to vote for anyone but jameth or anyone who presents themselves as any way connected to jameth, because the last thing we need on the LJ Advisory Board is:
a) another white guy
b) with links to Encyclopedia Dramatica
c) whose campaign and whose journal frequently utilizes sexist images of scantily clad women, because joke or not, it's still regressive, still cheap, still sexism, still not funny, and if you think I'm taking that too seriously then you cannot represent me
d.1) whose campaign tactics last year relied heavily on trolling his opponents and the blogs of their supporters, attacking, flaming, and mocking anyone who disagreed with them, and who actually caused me to ban more people from my LJ than I have at any point before or since, in almost eight years.

7d.2) which reason is why all comments to this journal entry are turned off.
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