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Free stuff, Promotions, and assorted good things

  • Dude! verb_noire just announced its first upcoming publication, River's Daughter by Tasha Campbell! And it looks fantastic!

  • Narrate Conferences, the folks who brought you Phoenix Rising in 2007 and Terminus in 2008, are back in 2009, and how, with Sirens, a conference on women in fantasy, to be held in lovely Vail, Colorado, from 10/1- 10/4/2009. Keynote speakers include Tamora Pierce (!) and Kristin Cashore (whose Graceling I just bought this week btw and am very excited about).

    Confession: I have been waiting, more like salivating, for this conference since I first heard about it in summer of 2006. So basically this conference has been my new Book 5, guys. I think of it as fandom's answer to Wiscon, or maybe that's just my idealized vision of 3 days in Colorado talking about books and media and fantasy and women in fantasy and - okay, wait, I had a point here, and the point is that they're calling for programming. And I have dibs on the Mary Sue panel, all right? Right. see you all there. I really, seriously, can't wait.

  • Hey, hey, go congratulate the fantabulous an_sceal on her second professional publication! :D

    Book giveaways, contests, etc:
  • Realms of Speculative Fiction is giving away one gorgeous copy of Allison Goodman's Two Pearls of Wisdom! To enter, just email them: sf.fantasy.books (at) gmail, with your full address and the subject line "Two Pearls." The catch? This giveaway is for European residents only. Alas!

  • Wicked lovely torquere_social is giving away a $5 gift certificate from Torquere Press! :DDDD Enter! It's easy! And, ahem, it's fantabulous gay porn, what's not to love here?

  • win Erin Downing's rom-coms! Win 2 copies of her new Drive Me Crazy and either Prom Crashers or Dancing Queen! "Send me an email at erin (at) erindowning.com and tell me what your favorite romantic comedy book is (by any author), and a teeny little explanation of why you like it. I will draw 3 winners on June 2, when Drive Me Crazy officially goes on sale." Easy cheezy! You can also enter to win here!

  • Editor Unleashed is unleashing (ha) its great Flash Fiction Contest! You have to register at the EE Forums to participate, but the prize is Cash for 40 writers, and the Grand Prize is $500 + publication! groovy. Oh, and there are some great Flash fiction writing tips here.


  • I have not yet gotten my hands on the Kiki Strike books (working on it) but I love the character blog, kikistrikeny, so much I made an lj feed for it: kikistrikeny. It's just great and quirky and full of awesome, and while you're there check this article on all the things you can find in the Hudson River. A GRAND PIANO. A FREAKING TRAIN. 1600 BARS OF GOLD. A DEAD GIRAFFE.

  • SWOON. Swoooon! here is a rave review of 'Swoon' from Story Siren. I am linking to this rave review FIRST because I want to ensure that no oen takes my snarky minority opinion as law, okay. But OMG LOL SWOON LOLOLOLOL seriously this couple makes Edward and Bella look compelling. I really, really want to review this book for the lulz when I'm through, because I can't be the only one perfectly delightedly entertained, for the wrong reasons, by a hero who unironically says things like "My lady, you have the voice of a drowsy thrush" and "Zounds!" and a heroine who unironically says things like, "It's the injustice - the injustice! My petty little feelings are nothing!" SERIOUSLY.

    I'm a third of the way through the book and reading it for the lulz. "ZOUNDS!" sfja;lfsjld. Swooooon!
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