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this post brought to you from the depths of my inability to stop looping Adam singing 'Ring of Fire'

So it turns out that I had already ordered Sarah Cross's Dull Boy from my ♥local independent bookseller♥ before Maya made her post asking us to take pictures of our copies.

And, well, SRB giving me an excuse to do one of the things I love to do, ie take dorky pictures and embarrass myself on the internet? Where do I sign up!

Picked up my copy yesterday evening, and decided to take Dull Boy along the dullest (not) route known to man: the evening commute from work.

This is Avery (the hero of Dull Boy) outside Prince Books. I would have gone back inside, but I'm already starting to learn the clerk's names because I stalk them so much.

Hilariously, when I went to order my copy of Dull Boy, I wound up trying to convince them to order more advance copies of Demon's Lexicon, and somewhere during the conversation they handed me a job application. Figures. I try for years to get a job working at a bookstore and now when I have a full-time job the bookstore comes to me. fjksd;jf.

Cross the street to Monticello Arcade.

This is a mermaid, indigenous to Norfolk, who has graciously posed in the cover image for Dull Boy!

Dull Boy goes incognito at Dillards, on the way to the (glorious) mall parking lot.

Stuck in rush hour on the midtown tunnel drawbridge, which, incidentally, TERRIFIES ME. D:

Aaaaaand the tunnel. (Unsafe driving, what? it was just 2 pictures, I promise.)

Aaaaaand at last we're home! and there's the Portmouth ferry. :)

And now I'm off to lunch to read - what else? ;)

Get your copy from your own local indie. We can co-squee!
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