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Transgender awareness

You may have already seen the uproar about this on your friends lists, but if you haven't, please take a look at wook77's journal entry about KRXQ Radio's shock-jock hatespeech against transgendered children. It's both appalling, in the sheer level of vitrolic hate and advocacy of violence on display here, and inspiring in that so many advertisers have responded quickly and positively by pulling their advertisement from the show.

If you're online now, the radio station is attempting to address the controversy on its radio show right now, from 7:30 am to 10:00 am Pacific. You can stream it live right now. Warning: discussion is emotionally affecting and potentially triggering regarding issues of acceptance/discrimination. It looks like Bob & Arnie are apologizing all over the place for "ignorance." "I literally thought that name-calling was just that, name-calling."

They're going to be taking calls shortly, with a goal to "talk to callers and try to educate on these issues."
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