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lolol fail :(

I have to get on a redeye tomorrow morning, I have birthday presents and sheet music and clothes to pack, I have to SLEEP at some point before I get into a rental car, and somehow I have to do it all in under 5 hours.

So naturally I chose this moment to write Cook/Archuleta fic. cookleta was doing this, like, random ipod shuffle challenge, where you write a drabble to go with the first 10 songs that come up on your playlist. And I've been organizing my ipod all freaking day so i kind of just FLIPPED OUT AND WROTE CRAP, idk i have so much i should be doing instead, please stage an intervention on my behalf.

The songs were awesome, so I don't mind so much that the drabbles were not.

1. Collide, Howie Day.

It shouldn't be as familiar as it is, David thinks the first time he and Archie wake up together. He shouldn't feel so comfortable running his fingertips over Archie's sternum and down to the place below his thigh that he just knows will make Archie gasp and shiver and twist away with a breathless laugh.

He knows that, though, and he knows that Archie will never pull away too far.

2. Helter Skelter, the Beatles

Manila is a madhouse, a frenzy of adrenalin and excitement David hasn't felt since the first heady days of the Idol Tour, when it felt like fans were just on edge enough to cross lines, to take David and Archie both and just feed off their energy. It was hot then, it's hot now, and David can't help but let himself tease, let himself give the fans a taste. A hand lingering too long on his own thigh, curving himself just so around his guitar, letting himself open up, letting them see what they're getting.

And then he steps offstage and realizes with one look at Archie's wide open eyes: the fans aren't the only ones who've been on the receiving end.

3. George Gershwin, Novelette in Fourths

Archie invites Cook to come to Tahoe for Thanksgiving. Completely accidentally. Archie's going with a bunch of people, he mentions it to Cook, and then he just blurts, "You should come too!" like that, over the phone to Cook who's in, gosh, Manhattan this week, he thinks? He's usually good at keeping up, but lately he can barely remember his own schedule, much less anyone else's. "I mean," he amends quickly, trying to laugh it off, "you won't know anyone and it'll probably be freezing cold, and you'll have to fly across the country. Ha ha. Just kidding."

"I'd love to, Arch," is Cook's response, and Archie halts in mid-laugh and stares at the phone, because David Cook is on the other end of it, saying yes to him, to Archie of all people, and, and. Well, wow, is all.

"Wow," he says. "You sure?"

"Only if you promise we'll get snowed in," Cook says easily. "I want an excuse not to have to leave my cabin for a week."

"Wow," Archie says again. And, huh. He kinda likes the idea of that too.

4. Good Girls Go Bad, Cobra Starship w. Leighton Meester

It's Cook's stupid vests and those stupid wacky ties that gets him every time, Archie thinks angrily, downing a second shot of vodka and ignoring a bartender who looks somewhat stunned that he can carry that much liquor without wincing. Please, it's not like he's a kid. Even if Cook treats him like one. Cook who is currently off dancing with some starfucker like he really is that arrogant diva the tabloids always try to make him out to be. Cook who is acting like avoiding Archie is the best way to deal with this thing that's been building between them. Like Archie needs him to step in and be the adult for them both. Asshole.

Archie's not a kid. He's definitely no starfucker. And he's definitely not putting Cook on some kind of illusory pedestal.

As far as he's concerned, Cook's running out of excuses. Time to show him just how few he has left.

He takes a deep breath and weaves his way through the crowd.

5. Adam Lambert, I Just Love You. <333333

David turns and looks up at David, who's got his head propped up in his hand, lying and looking back at David silently. David almost says it then, despite the fact that he's too young, they're too different and this should never have gotten this far without some serious parental intervention at some point, or, or something. It's not that he's too young to feel this much. He's felt this much for music since he was a kid. But David makes him feel younger than ever.

He opens his mouth, closes it again, settles for a smile. David smiles back at him and doesn't say it either.

They keep not saying it together for the rest of the night.

6. Quem e Muito Querido a Mim, Geraldo Azevedo

Archie tells Cook all the things he wants to do to him, whispers the words along the rise of Cook's belly and against his spine. Sometimes, when he's really into it, he murmurs them in Spanish.

Cook's never understood a word, until now. He pulls Archie's mouth up to his and translates more than sound.

7. Drive You Home, Garbage

David sighs and runs a hand through his hair. "I think," he starts and then stops. The silence just sits there, thickening. Anything he could say would just make things worse.

Archie, like always, is the grown-up. "Why don't you drop me off," he says quietly.

"We need to talk about this," David manages.

"Yeah," Archie says. "But maybe for now you can just - " he stops and gives David a quick look, then swallows before he finishes, " - take me home."

"Yeah, okay," David hears himself say. "I can do that."

8. I'll Find A Way, Rachael Yamagata. I'll find a way to see you again.

December 31, and David breaks from the party five minutes after midnight to call David Archuleta, for absolutely no reason at all that he can understand until Archie answers the phone.

"Cook!" he says, in that bright overeager voice that hasn't changed since he was 16. Then he says, "Wow, Cook!" and there's some background noise that sounds like he just tripped over one of his sisters or something, and then he's stammering something, and David's not really listening past the sound of his own laughter.

Just like that, he knows exactly why he called David Archuleta. And just like that, he has his first resolution of the new year.

9. We're Going to be Friends, The White Stripes.

Cook is the last person on earth Archie ever expected to call a friend. So when he realizes that Cook is actually his best friend, it kinda makes him feel awkward.

Then he mentions the fact to Cook, who just laughs and shoves him into a headlock, and Archie lets him, and that kind of says it all, really.

10. Eve of Destruction, Barry Mcguire

And David snaps. The frustration, the anger that's been building inside of him over time catches him by surprise, with a force he's not prepared for, and all it takes is for Archie to recoil in hurt and shock when the reporter smirks a little too openly at the rumors that Archie's going to, how does he put it, "pull a Lambert."

"Why would that even matter," Archie says roughly. "Oh my gosh."

"Hey," David says, wrapping his arm around Arch like they're back on the tour. "Wake up," he says to the reporter, whose name he's going to pointedly forget. "This guy is a rock star. He can be whatever the fuck he wants to be."

Archie looks over at him a little wondrously, something dangerously akin to hero-worship spreading across his face. And David can't have that at all, which is probably why he adds a little recklessly, "We both can," and drops his arm to encircle Archie's waist.

The reporter's jawdrop makes it totally worth it.

Archie calmly placing his hand over David's and keeping his arm right where it is for the rest of the interview?

There'll be hell to pay when TMZ finds out, but for now? It's pretty much priceless, David thinks, and curls his fingers lightly up into Archie's own.

LOL yeah fjk;jfdk. whatever, cannot cope, off to tennessee. <3
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