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  • There's a great review-lette here of sarahtales' contribution to the newly-released Eternal Kiss anthology, "Undead is Very Hot Right Now." It looks hysterical, full of classic SRB quirks, humor, and slanted takes on old tropes. :D The whole anthology looks fantastic and features works from rachelcaine, blackholly, cassandraclare, and Sarah, among others. *adds to order list*

    eta: and another fantastic review of all the stories in the anthology, with special love for Sarah's, here!

  • The long-awaited sequel to Havemercy is out! Shadow Magic by ladyjaida and danibennett was released this week! I picked up a copy yesterday and I'm already enjoying it very much. <3

  • as part of my H/D kick I have been - no seriously, get this - I have been listening to The Tea Party again. about a year or so ago I had this epic conversation with Zoe where I tried to convince her that Jeff Martin was, like, part of her national heritage. I was unsuccessful. But I still listen to songs like Heaven Coming Down (<3333333!!!!!!) and The Bazaar and am like AHHH HOW SO AWESOME :DDDDDD. Happiness.

  • *clears throat*

    So, yeats said to me that if I drew a stick figure Adam/Kris/Katy diagram she would rec it on her amazing recs post without which I would be lost, and, well, ♥♥♥ how can I resist such seduction, really!

  • oh, yeah, and one final thing:

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