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Hello, Livejournal!

I am in D.C. with arboretum who is even lovelier in person, a feat which I did not think humanly possible, and who has put up with me getting us lost fifty times while fumbling our way around Washington and Virginia. We are going to see The Throne of the Third Heaven of the Nations' Milennium General Assembly tomorrow and I'm so ridiculously excited about this -- geekily excited the way Val is excited about Achilles shouting "to your disadvantage!" at the end of every sentence. It's kind of just all kinds of amazing.

We have had the most ridiculously chill weekend. Yesterday all I did was stare at Tarot cards. I'm trying to get to know the cards and the suites and their connections to each other and it's actually really fun, and meaningful in ways I had not expected.

Also, I did Tarot readings for Touya and Hikaru, because, again, geek. Touya's was amazing. Hikaru's was awesome too but I didn't keep a record of it. But Touya's was the first one I did on my own and so it was, of course, slightly dearer.

Touya's Reading

I did a horseshoe spread for him regarding the question, "Should I keep waiting for Shindou?" after Hikaru starts missing his games after you-know-what. The Horseshoe spread has 7 cards and each card's position and interpretation is explained below.

Dude. Dude, I thought this reading was extremely, freakily accurate.

1. Past Situtation: Touya's spread showed The Moon. This card indicates the presence of supernatural phenomenon. It also indicates intuitive reasoning and possibly suspicion on the part of the querant. which, um, yeah.

2. Present Situation: The Three of Pentacles. This card basically means that you are the top of your game, the best at what you do, and everyone looks up to you and respects you and thinks you're the best. Essentially, this is Touya at the time of the reading. (*heart face*)

3. Helping Factors: the Four of Pentacles. I have trouble reading this card in this position, but to me it indicates that Touya has been clinging stubbornly to some kind of material factor (his need for a rival, i think), which in this case is a good thing but could be hurting his game in the long run.

4. Obstacle to Overcome: Five of Wands. This card is an image of boys engaged in sham fighting. It represents games and competition, but it also represents a lack of leadership or guidance. In this context it clearly points to the loss of Sai in Hikaru's life, as an obstacle that both boys must overcome.

5. Attitudes of Others involved in the situation: Eight of Cups. This card in this position astonished me, because it represents someone who has run away from their responsibilities, who has left something huge undone and who is avoiding finishing what they begun. The card speaks for itself.

6. What Action You Should Take: King of Cups. This card represents calmness and rationality in the face of turbulent emotions. I take it to mean that Touya should continue holding steadfast and stay the course, remaining calm and riding out Hikaru's irrational behavior.

7. The Outcome: Three of Cups. This card is one of the happiest in the deck and indicates frivolity and communion; but with a catch. The Rider-Waite-Smith version of this card has no background/depth, which implies that the happiness will be, perhaps, lacking a background or a foundation, the echo of all the questions that Touya still has even at the end of the series.

But, because this is Akira, and he can do no wrong, he'll be okay. ♥

So, yeah, this reading made me rly happy.
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