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LJ Anthology!

So my journal was nominated for LJ's 10-year anniversary anthology, and if your post is selected for inclusion or is an honorable mention, LJ gives you a gift certificate. I did a drawing back in March for my gift certificate, whenever it was announced. :)

They notified me earlier this week that my post would be included (the anthology is going to be POD through Blurb, it seems), and yesterday they sent me my gift certificate! Which is actually $25 and not the $20 they originally mentioned, heh. And which I am happy to give over to the winner of my drawing:

By the way, her favorite stated LJ post is here, and it's on Twilight, which pleases me greatly. :D

Send me your email, so I can send you this thing, froggie <3! it is crazy that i do not have your email in my address book, but it seems i do not. fix this, and TWENTY-FIVE WHOLE DOLLARS IN LJ SWAG CAN BE YOURS, haha.
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