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when i was in college (many years ago lol) i took the Myers-Brigg repeatedly and got very high-scoring Extrovert-Intuitive-Feeling-Judging profiles each and every time: extreme extroversion, passion, and a severe tendency to act on principle rather than exercising restraint and/or compassion.

Things happened - a lot of very traumatic and life-altering things happened - while i was still in college. My behavior changed, my goals changed, my personality changed, drastically, within a few years. The next time I took the Myers-Brigg test, my score was completely different, namely moving me firmly from extroversion to introversion. In recent years, my Myers-Brigg has been all over the chart, generally falling between an INFP and an ISTJ, with relatively low scores.

This morning, for example, I took the test and got: ISTP
56% Introverted
1% Sensing
12% Thinking
56% Perceiving

i think all this pretty much says that i'm sort of all over the place in terms of mapping out my personality based on actual experiences. i also think it says that appearances can be deceiving; i'm not the head cheerleader-cum-harpy you think i am. ;)


i have been stalked by images of the World Tree - the Tree of Life / Yggdrasil / The Tree of Knowledge / whatever you want to call it lately. I have seen some reference to it nearly every day for the last two weeks. I have no idea what it means. it is starting to weird me out!

(Cathy says that it means I am going to discover ultimate enlightenment, pilot an Eva, and then die. I disagree with this analysis.)

in honor of my glorious confusion, here is my favorite song from Yggdrasil, and one of my favorite Bump of Chicken songs ever: Guild.
* Bonus: here's the beautiful, poignant 23-minute long stop-motion animated featurette that accompanies this song's PV, complete with beautiful instrumentals by Fujiwara Motoo. It is one of my favorite things in life.

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