let's get the seven lines. (bookshop) wrote,
let's get the seven lines.

lol i am probably crazy :(

(kls;asdfsd i'm so horrible at photoshop but it's mostly just for fun & to help me learn the cards, so...)

(lol i have no idea what fits this card yet :( )

(still working on the Hermit)
(and Justice)
(lol and all the rest)

But hey, it's fun and I'm a geek. These are hard. Some other ones I think I've worked out to my satisfaction:
Temperance = Annie Oakley
The Star: leaning towards Carousel on this one but hmmmmmmmm
The Moon: Rent (tons of moon imagery in this show)
The Sun: Hair
The Queen of Swords: Evita Peron
I also kind of really want to use Cabaret for The World but I don't think I can make the symbolism work. sigh. Also what to use for The Tower! Argh! so hard.

oh and one more:
Tags: attempts to rule world, tarot, theatre

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