LJ Users: unfortunate heads up

In case you've missed it:

LJ has just announced its latest public beta release. In this release:

  • LJ is doing away with customized friends pages and turning everyone's friends pages into a default style (yes, like on your Tumblr dash). It is supposed to look like this (via twissie) --

    --but in actuality looks like this:

  • LJ is also implementing endless friends page scrolling (yes, like on your Tumblr dash) with no ability to opt-out.

  • LJ is also adding a new post notification button (yes, like on your Tumblr dash)

  • LJ is also adding the ability to pay to promote your entries in other people's journals (yes, like on your Tumblr dash)

  • LJ is also inserting a scrolling nav on the sidebar with a giant pop-out calendar to follow you as you scroll (wtf)

  • they need the giant pop-out calendar because along with non-optional endless scrolling, they're also doing away with the "previous" and "next" ability to navigate your friends page.

  • twissiehas more screencaps / comments on their journal.

  • Note: The first comment on lj_releases' post links to the Daily Dot article announcing that LJ has quietly downsized its U.S. offices (including terminating its U.S. General Manager and media relations positions) without any kind of public announcement.

    Yay, Yuletide!

    Dear Yuletide Santa, I LOVE YOU!

    To start off with, let me say that I will be unfailingly happy no matter what you write. Optional details are OPTIONAL, and you could write me the Twin Peaks/Futurama/Full House/Aliens crossover of your choice and I would be like, YESSSSSS THANK YOU!, because, well, for one, that would be amazing, and for another, it's Yuletide. There is literally nothing you could write that I'd dislike, unless it was something problematic or character-bashing. And I know you won't do that because you, yuletide Santa, are awesome.

    That said, I generally feel that if you write what <i>you</i> want to write and read, if you just let yourself deal with the questions, characters, and themes that are on <i>your</i> mind, i will love what you come up with. Write what you love! :D

    Lizzie Bennet Diaries  

    i HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I WANT MOST, Lizzie/Darcy, Lizzie/Lydia, Lizzie/Charlotte, Jane/Bing, Lizzie/Caroline, Charlotte/Collins, a Lydia/George/Lizzie threeway for great win, Maria/Fandom, or EVERYONE'S OTP LYDIA/MARY. I just want everything omg.

    I ship everyone with everyone. I love absolutely every single character (including Caroline omg if you write about Caroline I would love it if you made her not!evil and KIND OF ACTUALLY FOND OF LIZZIE BECAUSE I THINK SHE IS IN HER SCHEMING WAY, SOB), and I have no idea what to request most because I really will love everything you could possibly write for this amazing, amazing fandom.

    What I love most, what blows me away, is the commitment to female friendship in this series, so as much as I would love Lizzie/Darcy, I'd also love friendship!fic, sisterhood fic, or femslash (sister/sister= ok) of any permutation. Just, OH, SO MUCH LOVE FOR ALL THESE AMAZING FEMALE CHARACTERS. <3

    If for some reason you got one of my other requests but aren't sure, OMG WATCH THE LIZZIE BENNET DIARIES, THEY ARE THE GREATEST THING IN MY LIFE.

    ETA: okay, in wake of eps 60 & 61, the Fandomspotting ep we did yesterday, and today's What's Trending ep, here are some other thoughts!
    • @MariaoftheLu tweeted us during the Fandomspotting ep and teased us with the possibility of doing a video with @TheLydiaBennet!!!!! how much would I LOVE to see fic about these two together? Or even and especially, Maria and Mary hanging out together. You KNOW they could have some epic fangirl conversations. (Come on, Mary reads John Green, they're totally both Nerdfighters!)  Would Lydia feel left out? Would she just roll with it?  Would Charlotte approve of Maria spending time with Lydia given her fondness for partying? For that matter, what would Charlotte and Lydia be like together? SO MANY POSSIBILITIES. CAN THEY JUST ALL GO TO FROYO AND HANG OUT :DDDDD
    • oh my god how cute were Daniel and Ashley together in the What's Trending ep?! if you are into RPF and you wanted to write Ashley/Daniel RPF I would not object in the SLIGHTEST.  
    • Or, if you wanted to riff off of that and turn it into an epilogue-type situation, where famous media mogul William Darcy and up-and-coming celebrity vlogger Lizzie go on What's Trending to talk about how they fell in love on camera, and how knowing their love will be giffed by a thousand fangirls later may curtail their PDA, but it still shines through in little moments anyway. THE GIF DANCING. oh my god.
    • SCREAM EPISODE 61. WHAT WAS DARCY THINKING WHEN HE WALKED AWAY AND ALMOST TURNED BACK, THEN CHANGED HIS MIND?  And what about Charlotte?  I mean <i>of course</i> she knew it, right? That's canon from P&P. 5 Times Charlotte almost said something to Lizzie about Darcy, and held off because she knew Lizzie would flip her shit? :D  Also, wtf, Lizzie, you saw Char and Jane's episode that they filmed behind your back, right? What kind of denial are you IN?  Anything that explores the characters and their mentalities around this period would be more than appreciated.
    • But really, any in-series character studies or pov scenarios like the above, written for any time between episode 1 and wherever we are by Yuletide? Alllll of that would be welcome.  There's so much you can do, so many character dynamics to explore, and so many subtle emotional gradations and shifts over time. It's just. ugh, PERFECT SHOW IS PERFECT. <33333  Seriously, write whatever is on your mind and whatever stories about this series <i>you</i> can't let go of, and I'll love it._____

    I pimped this series here and here, and I also have a couple shitload of posts here (including links to my interviews with the cast! :D ) and I LOVE THIS SERIES SO MUCH. I basically don't even care what you write as long as there is friendship and girls being amazing to each other and love. <3

    Fly By Night Series - Frances Hardinge  

    omg i just want more Mosca and Clent being bitter frenemies and sticking together and sniping and snarking and loving each other and ALSO SARACEN and ADVENTURE AND BOOKS AND WORDS <333333333333


    I pimped this book here, and I also totally agree with everything skygiants said in their review! I JUST WANT TEAM MOSCA-AND-CLENT FOREVER, sob. Also i still want an Inception AU where Eames is Clent and Arthur is Mosca his apprentice and against all better judgment they team up and obviously wreak havoc and have adventures everywhere, but that is neither here nor there, because for Yuletide I just BASICALLY WANT MORE OF THE FRACTURED REALM. More specifically, I would love to see a missing scene from in between the two books or after the second book! I would love to see how Mosca and Clent interact on a non-threatening, "normal" day (though with them I doubt any day is ever completely normal)!  How do they show their begrudging trust and love for each other, in small ways and large?  Does Clent plot ways to get rid of Saracen or has he made his peace with that malevolent bird yet? :D DO THEY HAVE WORD FIGHTS? I can't even express how completely I would die of joy if you chose to write this for me. And even if you aren't familiar with the books, please consider reading them! Fly By Night and Fly Trap (Twilight Robbery if you're in the UK) are the most wonderful books I've read in years and they totally own my heart. <3

    ETA: this is another instance where i just want everything and i just want more. i can't even think of what would make me happiest because every character in this series is fantastic and you could write reams and reams of backstory, futurestory, character interaction, or just Clent and Mosca trying to best each other with words. I would and will love any and all of it. :D  

    Hmmm, if you want something more specific, here are some prompts:
    - Clent teaching Mosca to do something new she's never done before--maybe cheat at cards or carve a turkey or pick someone's pocket.  
    - Mosca has a chance to leave Clent once and for all, no strings attached (read: no Goshawk waiting in the wings!!!!! *shudder*). Does she do it?  What makes her come back? (Because of course she comes back!) 
    - what does Mistress Bessel do after the events of Twilight Robbery? What's her history with Clent, anyway? Have they ever been lovers, or do they know each other too well for that?  When we saw her first, it seemed as though she was settled down into an ordinary life. Was she happy?  Does she long to be a real gentlewoman or would she rather be a highwayman?  Does she see any of herself in Mosca?
    - one thing i love about this series is how unabashedly amoral so many of the characters are, while still being so totally easy to empathize and sympathize with.  I often wonder about Clent's own level of amorality. We've seen that he's quite selfish, but also that he's adjusted to caring for Mosca, as a partner in crime if not quite like a member of the family. I'd love anything that dared to get into his POV regarding his attitude towards his charge: it's obvious he loves her deeply, but how much does he trust his own ability to care for her--both emotionally and physically? This is such a complex, tentative relationship, and I think they're both kind of stunned by it! I'd love anything that delved into Clent's side of things, as well as any situation where they--gasp--might have to talk about FEELINGS.  (And if it's another scene like their epic, amazing, beautiful parting during the scene where Mosca gets herself thrown into Toll-By-Night, where they're screaming insults that really mean "be safe" and "don't die" and "i'm not sorry we met," sob, that would just absolutely make my lifeeeeeee.)

    Paranormal Activity

    wild fucked-up terrifying-but-hot demon sex. just do it. :D

    uh, i wrote this for yuletide last year! /o\ DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT, YOU KNOW THIS SERIES IS ALL ABOUT DEMON SEX.

    ETA: hi! so, i linked the fic above, not because i wanted to be like, WRITE LIKE THIS, not at all--but just so you'd know, if you wanted any direction on that front, the kind of atmospheric take i have on this series.  I'm honestly less interested in the lives of the people touched by Katie's possession than I am in Katie herself at this point: her relationship with Toby, who must have manifested himself in several different ways to her by now. We see him possibly manifest as Demon Child in PA4, we see him appear to her repeatedly as a child, and we see him possess her. But do they ever actually interact?  What does Toby want, anyway? We learned in the 2nd film that their grandmother made a deal with the demon for money and power, presumably to <i>sacrifice</i> their firstborn male child to the demon. But Hunter's still around and the demon seems to be saving him up for something. What exactly is that something. What kind of a demon is he? :D  

    (ahaha, what if toby were just grooming hunter to be his future sex slave / haremboy / poolboy? GETTING BACK TO THE DEMON SEX.)

    More demon sex: If you wanted to go with PA4, ahaha, how about that scene where Wyatt/Hunter watches Alex sleep/levitate off the bed, and then the next morning she complains about feeling like she's been hit by a truck? Since presumably the entity watching her sleep isn't actually a kid (though obvs Alex is still underage), if you wanted to do something totally dubcon and creepy and demon-sex-ish here, involving the demon taking their true form and having their way with sleeping beauty, you can go for it. Maybe the demon just invades her dreams with sexy/terrible/terrifying/bizarre results?  Anything like that would be awesome. (And, again, demonsex does NOT have to be part of the scape here--if you seriously just wanted to write creepy gen horror about this scene or any scene from 1, 3, or 4, i would be over the moon.)

    i should mention at this point: i really love 1 and 3, haha; I think 2 is the WORST and i don't really have any investment in the characters from that film. (obviously like everyone else on the planet, I hate Mika, also, but at this point he's kind of fun to mock because he's just so over-the-top.) I've seen 4 once, but i'm mostly just wondering--we don't see Alex die, though it's obviously a high probability; we do see the demon!Hunter watching her strategically levitate off the bed. What if she's the one whose being chosen to play Rosemary? What if they're planning to impregnate her with a demon baby? What if they indoctrinated her?  What if they were just going to keep her to be Hunter's nursemaid until he was ready for.... whatever?

    And for that matter, WHAT THE HELL IS HUNTER DOING IN THESE PEOPLE'S HOUSE TO BEGIN WITH, lol, like, did Katie just sneak him into an adoption center one day? Actually, crack!fic about how Katie actually convinced people to take Hunter and start calling him Wayatt would be awesome. Or creepy terrifying horrorfic. THERE IS SO LITTLE DIFFERENCE WITH THIS SERIES, LET'S FACE IT.

    And what the hell is Ali off doing now since her aunt murdered her parents and abducted her brother??!?!?!   Do we even care? Oh my god this series is so stupid. I love it. :D  

    Mostly, though: HOW AWESOME IS KATIE. I LOVE HER. AHAHA. I would love any and all backstory from any point at her epic troubled life. You know she's had encounters with demons throughout her life. If you wanted to describe any of that, or any kind of missing scenes from her/Kristi's life, that would be awesome.  

    There's always futurefic where Ali meets Alex, who's probably possessed and *they* have hot creepy fabulous demonsex? :D

    (In all seriousness: i totally love demonsex, and the reason I keep circling back to it is because that erotic charge is such a crucial element of terror, especially since demons are so closely linked to sleep paralysis and the sense of being unable to move or control yourself along with the universal feeling of someone lying on top of you or sitting on your chest. I mean, that basically screams DEMONSEX, right? And this series consistently links "demon possession" with images of young girls lying vulnerably in bed.  So it would be totally in keeping with the series to play around with that.

    That said: you definitely, definitely by no means whatsoever are obligated to write demonsex or any sex if it makes you uncomfortable. All the scenarios/questions I've thrown out here would work for genfic too. Seriously, I can't state this enough: write what you want to write, and don't even stress matching up with me on a kink, because that's not why I do yuletide.)

    Actor RPF: Tom/Joe <3

    these two crazy kids have basically nothing in common except a love for acting, pretentious french film, and gary oldman. Oh, and deep admiration for one another's acting abilities, and a little thing called the Nolanverse. And hordes of fangirls who insist that in this one teensy movie called Inception, their characters were totally in love with each other.

    I would deeply love fic where Tom works off residual anxieties related to the end of his friendship with P-nut (sob), the eternal stalling of his relationship with Charlotte (sigh), and his general social awkwardness and introversion relative to suddenly becoming a massive celebrity.

    At the same time, I would love to see Joe kind of working out his issues with his own identity: he's an eternal hipster in denial, but when people call him "cute" and play up his boyishness, he seems embarrassed. It's only lately that he's really seemed comfortable with himself, and I'd love for that to be, in part, a reaction to his meeting up with Tom again and watching how Tom inhabits all these different role-changes and identity changes, and learning that it's okay to just inhabit your own insecurities and anxieties and own them.

    During the promos for TDKR, when Joe gushed about how amazing Tom was--how did that make Tom feel? Did Joe even realize then how deep his admiration went? (And how much would Dan be laughing at him right now?) As for Tom, will he ever be able to relate to Joe's hipster ways? Or do they have something more powerful and unexpected that brings them together despite their differences? Does Gary Oldman just get fed up and lock them in a closet???????????? :D

    [[Note: I originally had two other fandoms here in slots 3 and 4; just for fun, here's the original requests.

    Road to Morocco:

    I cannot even believe someone else nominated this fandom this year. I am a lifelong fan of all the Road pictures, and The Road to Morocco is both the first one I ever saw and my favorite. This series was my introduction to the breaking of the fourth wall, and it was the first time (watching these movies as a kid) I realized how tongue-in-cheek and full of self-parody vintage Hollywood could be.

    I love Dorothy Lamour and Bob Hope and Bing Crosby's epic bromance across the miles and years, and I would love anything that celebrates the ridiculousness of this series and this film in particular. TALKING CAMELS! Did the censors ever catch up to them once they hit the states? Did Anthony Quinn ever wreak revenge? Did Bob-as-Turkey ever win his Academy Award? :D

    (And what is up with them buying volumes of Omar_Khayyám for Junior? ISN'T JUNIOR A LATER BOB HOPE CHARACTER? TOO MUCH FOURTH-WALL-BREAKING, I NEED AN ADULT. or at least a yuletide santa!)


    Strangers on a Train <3
    I have requested this at least 3 times for Yuletide and never gotten it, so this description is an amalgam of all my previous signups, haha! This is a brilliant movie and I love how it plays with the sexual UST, the doppelganger theme, and the seductiveness of evil. It's just amazing.

    This is my favorite Hitchcock movie & is probably the whole and sole reason for my enduring love for gay serial killers. Robert Walker really created the most creepy, charismatic, lovable, memorable gay serial killer ever, and basically imprinted on me, haha: http://bookshop.livejournal.com/tag/gay%20serial%20killers

    I would love anything that captures the creepy, dangerous, enthralling, seductive, sexy homoeroticism of this film. To me this film's power hinges around Robert Walker's incredible performance as Bruno and the believability of his hold on Farley Granger's Guy! Guy punches him and then *picks him up and carefully dusts him off and stands intimately close to him and offers to get him a ride home*. When he finds Bruno in his father's bed, he sticks around chatting almost like he's waiting for further instructions! (Which, going off Highsmith's version, he may well be?!) And omfg when Guy's just learned about Miriam's death and Bruno calls his name from (again) the shadows outside the townhouse, look at the way Farley Granger plays that moment - there's this close-up on his face and he almost looks eager, excited, *turned on*. And then he joins Bruno behind the gate when the cops pull up and they stand so close together their shoulders brush. asdfjk;jd. THE END, WHEN GUY LEANS OVER BRUNO AND SPEAKS TO HIM SOFTLY, LIKE A LOVER.

    What I love about it most is how the whole story depends on Bruno having this complete compelling influence over Guy, and Guy's inability to just turn away from him and leave. And when he's in the park and he works that charm on Miriam without her even knowing who she is, just like he did with Guy on the train (which incidentally is a TOTAL. PICK UP. SCENE. The way the next scene after the dining car shows them in Bruno's cabin with Bruno stretched out looking like afterglow. omg)!

    I think many people are too busy being creeped out the first time they watch this film to really get the homoeroticism, but it's so thick, even for Hitchcock who is rarely subtle about homoerotic subtext. I love the way the homoerotic underpinnings of the film simultaneously increase both your sense of horror *and* your sense of sympathy for both the main characters. I think we're supposed to be horrified at how drawn we are to Robert Walker and how much we empathize with him, even as he's showing us how sociopathic and dangerous he is. We're supposed to find him every bit as sexy as Guy does, *and we do.* And ultimately that empathy leaves the question of whether the homoeroticism really *is* the driving sinister force of the film, or whether it's is a necessary outlet and reaction against the *real* driving sinister force of the film, the restrictive heterosocial conformity that Guy is being forced into and from which Bruno tries to free him. I love this film.

    Feel free to use elements if you want from the original Patricia Highsmith slashf--er, novella, if you want. The point is: Guy/Bruno. In-series, post-series (fake deaths????!), gen, porn, creepiness, subtext, whatever you think fits the awesome that is Hitchcock + Highsmith + Robert Walker + Farley Granger + gay serial killing madness (with carousels! ^_^) Run with it, baby, it's all yours. <3333 _____ Finally, did I mention: I love smut? I LOVE GAY SERIAL KILLERS HAVING SEX. um. sorry, maybe a little too much death note for yours truly. Please also see the 2 relevant tags on my livejournal! :DDD AND HAVE FUN, SANTA! <333333


    So tomorrow is a HUGE DAY for the Lizzie Bennet Diaries fandom. There definitely is one, and it's actually one of the most delightful fandoms I've come across in a while, even if my interaction with it has been almost totally in YouTube comments and on Tumblr.

    In case you missed my earlier flailing, the Lizzie Bennet Diaries is a retelling of Pride and Prejudice in vlog format. Lizzie keeps a vlog about her day-to-day adventures, and all the crazy cast of people who come in and out of her life. It. Is. Fabulous. Caroline tries to win fans from Lizzie's vlog audience by gifting us her cast-off designer handbags (no seriously). WICKHAM WEARS GUYLINER. PERFECT SHOW. IS. PERFECT.

    (^ PERFECT)

    The vlog updates twice a week, on Mondays and Thursdays. Each ep runs anywhere from 3-7 minutes on average, and each ep covers one full chapter of Pride and Prejudice. Although P&P can feel like a short book, it's really not, and at 63 chapters in, we're only FINALLY getting to one of the main plot points of the book:

    the proposal.

    There are so many amazing things about the way the LBD is happening. The Jane Austen fandom was my very first fandom, and one of only 2 that I consider a lifelong fandom, along with HP. But the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, because it's happening on YouTube, is revitalizing the Austen fandom in a way that I really honestly thought could not happen, because let's face it, there are 8 zillion P&P remakes out there already, right?


    Because it's happening on YouTube, there are lots of fans who a) have never read the book, and even fewer, a handful of fans who b) still haven't figured out that the show isn't actually real. So, in any given episode, you have a bunch of things going on:
    - people confusedly wondering why the people on Lizzie's vlog are acting like characters out of a book, because they don't realize that they ARE characters
    - people who know what's up but haven't read the book begging other people not to spoil them for what happens, which generally leads to
    - lots of other people amusedly trolling them with fake spoilers ("WAIT TIL LYDIA GETS PREGNANT!"), etc etc.

    So that's all good times. But even more than that, people like me who know the book backwards and forwards, who've read it a million times, are basically freaking out on a regular basis because everything about this story is enhanced by having it done in Vlog format. We vet to spend more time with the characters, side characters who are deliberate caricatures in Austen's world become fleshed out and even more sympathetic, and the relationships that we see on-screen deepen. We invest in them even more, so that when the plot twists of Austen's novel happen, they hit us in totally new ways. (Not even going near the show giving us Jane's reaction to Bing leaving, because OH MY GOD SO MANY TEARS.)

    Take Lizzie and Charlotte. Charlotte Lucas--or Charlotte Lu as she's named in the LBD--is so much more than just a side character. She has her own voice, we watch her argue and fight with Lizzie, we watch her impacting the whole style of the show, and we see her away from Lizzie trying to be her own person while still desperately missing her best friend. The weeks that they were apart in the series really felt strained as they unfolded in real time in a way that never happens in any other Austen adaptation or fanfic, because we got to really feel her absence episode after episode. When the episode that brought the two of them back together finally happened, I HONEST-TO-GOD SHRIEKED ALOUD IN GLEE, because even though I know that they remain friends, the emotional catharsis of watching them make up after their long fight and separation hit me as hard as any new story that I'm watching would have hit.

    That's why it's absolutely one of the highlights of my week right now to peruse the comments on YouTube for this show. Like, this is one time where I would urge you DEFINITELY READ THE COMMENTS because apart from being very polite and happy--everyone loves all of the characters, which is just so nice oh my god--the comments really submerge you in the amazing cultural convergence that is happening around this show.

    Everyone who knows the book knows that Monday is Proposal Day, and the fandom has been FREAKING OUT ABOUT IT. Which is exciting all by itself because the LBD still hasn't shown us Darcy yet, and every episode we get brings us closer to the Big Reveal omfg.

    But the people who have NO IDEA what's happening next because they're watching the story for the first time?--THEY'RE ALSO FREAKING OUT. They're all, HOLY SHIT WHAT DARCY NO, NO WAY! and OH MY GOD LIZZIE, and WTF IS GOING TO HAPPEN NOW, and DARCY YOU ASSHOLE, and it's so fucking incredible, haha.

    Like, just to be a lifelong Jane Austen fan is to know that you're one of Those Women who dreams of a Darcy figure to whisk you away to Regency England, right, and you get lumped in with this kind of fuddy-duddy culture of cat-owning book club members who own all of the Austen films and have three copies of the 1995 BBC P&P because their VHS tapes wore out and then 2 people gave them the DVDs for christmas *cough*.

    So there's this real joy for me in watching other people discover this story as it's happening. This is in part a tribute to the excellent writers of the LBD, but also, ultimately, to Austen, and to the power of a universally beloved story. When I hosted the Daily Dot's Transmedia Round Table recently, Bernie Su, the LBD's co-producer and head writer, said that the LBD considers P&P to be "our greatest weapon." And it's so true, because you can literally see people who started watching randomly, or maybe because of the Hank Green connection (he's the other producer) moving from casual interest to total obsession based on the power of the story, and getting so caught up in the plot and the characters in real time.

    It's MAGICAL, YOU GUYS. it's making me SO UNBELIEVABLY HAPPY. Like, these are all actual comments on the most recent eps, and I'm just totally rolling around in them like watching this show is some kind of brand-new spectator sport.

    I have no idea what's going to happen on Monday. My personal theory is that Darcy's going to ask Lizzie out via text or something equally awkward and Lizzie's reaction will occur onscreen while she reads his texts to us with increasing indignation. BUT no matter what, I just wanted to commemorate this, because 199 years after Pride and Prejudice was published, tens of thousands of people in the Jane Austen fandom are literally on the edge of our seats waiting for Darcy's proposal, like we've never seen it before. Because amazing tales, being retold in amazing new ways, not only gain new audiences, but gain new emotional resonances in the telling.

    That's the power of story, and the power of transformative fanfiction.



    The Daily Dot: Exclusive: LiveJournal all but abandons U.S. presence

    Exclusive: LiveJournal all but abandons U.S. presence 
    Staff Writer

     LiveJournal U.S. has quietly downsized over the past few months, leaving the Internet’s oldest blogging platform almost entirely under Russian management.

    When the Daily Dot visited LiveJournal’s San Francisco headquarters in February 2012, the company had about 10 U.S. employees.

    Since then, five employees—including U.S. General Manager Anjelika Petrochenko—have left the company. LiveJournal has not announced Petrochenko’s departure in any statement or release, but Petrochenko confirmed her own departure to the Daily Dot.

    Ekaterina Pahomchik, a LiveJournal spokesperson based in Moscow, told the Daily Dot Petrochenko and the other departed employees will not be replaced.

    “All of LiveJournal’s business operations nowadays are handled out of the SUP Media offices in Moscow centrally,” she said.

    “Our representatives from Russia will be responsible for all product, marketing, business development etc. projects for the U.S. segment.”

    SUP Media is LiveJournal’s Russian parent company, whichbought the blogging platform from Six Apart in 2007. SUP is the third company to take ownership of LiveJournal, after Six Apart and Danga Interactive, the company LiveJournal inventor Brad Fitzpatrick managed.

    However, Pahomchik said that U.S. LiveJournal users should not notice a difference. The Russian office will continue the projects, like LJ Media, the U.S. office worked on.

    “LiveJournal and SUP Media are keen on continuing the LJ Media initiative to keep up with the results which have been achieved so far, and this is the new strategy of LiveJournal global development,” she said.

    Aside from day to day maintenance, the U.S. office was also responsible for LJ Media, a redesign and promotion initiative for LiveJournal’s most popular communities like Oh No They Didn’t!,VaginaPagina, and CraftGrrl.

    Brenden Delzer, the moderator of Oh No They Didn’t! and a LiveJournal employee who continues to work in the San Francisco office, told the Daily Dot that LJ Media moderators have already been informed about the change in overhead.

    “Leadership of the LJ Media program has been transferred to our main office in Russia & every LJ Media community leader received an email from Anjelika with these details,” he said.

    Though the staff website lists employees like Anjelika Petrochenko as current staff members, Delzer confirmed that they were no longer with the company.

    The Daily Dot has confirmed that LiveJournal employees Tom Byron, Jen Kim, Sasha Rojas, and Michael Rutledge have also left this year. Though SUP Media does not plan to replace them, it has not announced their departures either, leaving us to wonder who else listed on the website has already left.

    Aja Romano contributed to this report.

    The Daily Dot


    HELLO, LJ & DW!!

    GUESS WHAT. Annalee Newitz, editor in chief of IO9, has asked me to be a guest on next week's edition of We Come From the Future to talk about fandom!

    And not just any fandom discussion, but the ultimate fandom discussion.

    That's right.

    Next Friday, I'm going to dish the dirt with Annalee and the writers of io9 (fangirl squeaks) about FANDOM WANK! YES. THAT'S RIGHT. THIS IS A THING THAT IS HAPPENING.

    I'll be over in the corner making high-pitched noises until next week!

    Updates From the World of Journalism + a Clarification

    Hi, LJ / DW!

    I am so very remiss in letting you guys know where I've been and what I've been writing, but I do have a couple of quick updates for you:

  • AfterElton has asked me to be one of their 5 new "slash experts" for their brand-new column on slash fandom, The Shipping News! I'm so excited, omg! And I have to thank the Daily Dot for letting me be a part of this. Our first column is up right this way, and if you're in the mood for a discussion about RPF, there's a heated one going on in comments, so grab popcorn and dive in! :D

  • This is not a journalism update but omg Fandomspotting!! We've done 3 eps so far and it's so much fun! Last week we spotlighted YULETIDE and it was awesome. This week we're hosting our first fandom-specific ep, and it's all about DOCTOR WHO! So join us for this weekend's livecast if you can, or check out the podcast if you can't! :)

  • I keep being asked to provide links to my fandom coverage at the Dot, and I've been failing, but so far you can read everything I've posted either at my Daily Dot byline or over at my Tumblr tag!

  • I've received a lot of feedback saying that I misrepresented podfic fandom in my recent article on podfic for the Daily Dot. Ordinarily I prefer to let my journalism speak for itself, or make a correction when I make a mistake--but in this case things aren't that simple. I don't want anyone's trust in me as a journalist to suffer because of this, so if I may, I want to say a few things--primarily that I did not take my interpretation of what happened from FFA. I am a professional journalist with 11 years of experience. I do not take the word of an anon meme as a source.

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    You guys are always welcome to call me out on anything you're unhappy with, at any time. The comments to my articles are always open, and we recently updated our commenting system so now (thank god) you don't have to log in through Facebook!
  • Arthur.


    (there is a monster Tim Roth / Gary Oldman fic at the end of this chat book)

    Ifrit.: JGL was a wreck on SNL
    bookshop: oh god really? oh god poor guy
    bookshop: UGH SO EMBARRASSED
    Ifrit.: flkd;lk no wait I'm not actually sure if it was TERRIBLE TERRIBLE
    bookshop: he was really bad the last time too wasn't he? fdljafj;dslasdfj
    Ifrit.: but I am just assuming that it was because the opening involves him doing a striptease a la Magic Mike
    bookshop: uh
    Ifrit.: I am looking at gifs and just being like really embarrassed
    bookshop: why are he and tom hardy both always so asdklfja;sdlfdklj;kldj
    Ifrit.: embarrassing
    bookshop: safdk;kjfksdf;sdajsdfjs yes sdlka;sdfjsljsssjfljld
    Ifrit.: WHY
    bookshop: SO HILARIOUSLY NOT THEIR CHARACTERS fdklasdj;fkadjaskdflajaklfjdl
    Ifrit.: but Tom Hardy is like
    Ifrit.: he's okay but JGL JUST STOP
    bookshop: yes, he's just
    bookshop: yes
    bookshop: yes
    bookshop: yes
    bookshop: yes
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    I am so late for this announcement but I'm so excited!

    Please join me, cobweb_diamond, eleveninches, cherrybina, and cthonical in exactly UM RIGHT NOW WHOOPS for the first ever live broadcast of...


    Fandomspotting is a new weekly live audio chat that will be livestreaming on Youtube via Google Hangout.

    We will have a rotating roster of panelists each week, on a rotating schedule so everyone can listen live. And if you can't, you can just check out the YouTube channel for the archives!

    I'm really excited about this, guys. We started planning this in February but got waylaid just as we were about to broadcast the first ep when the software we were using went behind a firewall. So then we realized 2 weeks ago that Google had the tools we needed and so HERE WE ARE YAY.

    This is so exciting!