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let's get the seven lines.
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Hi! It's Aja. (You say it "Asia" like the continent.) I like squeaking excitedly, and fandom. I'm usually squeaking excitedly about fandom.
j-pop, k-pop, all the pops, YA lit, akira & hikaru, almodovar, anne & gilbert, arthur & eames, austen heroes, bernstein, blackberries (the fruit), bloomington, IN, bodies in windowseats, britten, brmmmmmmmmmm, dashiell hammett, emma & mr knightley, femslash, film, fred & ginger, fujiwara motoo, gay serial killers, harry & draco, hats, hepburns, heyer heroines, hikaru no go, hitchcock, horror, it was all a dream, kimeru, let's five, nick & nora, ocracoke island, once on this island, pulitzer prize-winning fanfic, reccing things, recursive literature, remix culture, requiems, rie fu, runyonese, sondheim, the hand of god, the searchers, the usual suspects, the sight & sound top 10, things that pass bechdel, tiny new england bookstores, tracy & dexter, vintage, wilder, yachats

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